Going Mobile: The Top 6 Recovery Apps For Your Smartphone

Going Mobile: The Top 6 Recovery Apps For Your Smartphone

The path to sobriety is a tough one at that. Despite all the challenges, you can make it through, even if you need some help. 

Here are six great recovery apps to help you on your journey.

1. Twenty-Four Hours a Day

This app rests at 4.9 stars on the app store. Looking past its price of $5.99, Twenty-Four Hours a Day would be a great aid during your recovery.

The app has daily meditations, as wells as daily messages to help inspire you. Whenever you need or want a supportive message, all you need to do is shake your device and you’ll receive one at random.

This app is a great partner to those participating in a 12-step recovery program!

2. 12 Steps Companion

This app will act as your comprehensive recovery tool as you continue your path to sobriety. The app includes a sobriety calculator, notes, a Big Book reader, and an Alcoholics Anonymous contacts database.

The only thing is it will run you about $2.99, but the price is definitely worth it for the many features that come with the 4.5-star app.

3. I Am Sober

This 4.8-star recovery app is free on the app store. I Am Sober has a sobriety tracker, daily pledges, a sobriety calculator, and a milestone tracker.

Some other unique features are a withdrawal timeline that’ll give you the general idea of what to expect in the coming days.

While there is no Big Book feature in this app, you can take pictures and write a journal, which you can then share with others if you like; like a sobriety social media.

4. Sober Grid

SoberGrid is exactly what it sounds like. The app will connect you to some people near you. The app lets you customize your privacy settings so there's no need to worry.

SoberGrid tracks your recovery and it comes with a sobriety counter. Perhaps one of the apps biggest features is its 24/7 peer support group which is great for all, especially those who are new to their journey.

5. AA Big Book Free

This app is a great one to always have, even if you select one of the other ones. AA Big Book Free gives you complete access to the Big Book and the ability to bookmark passages and to make notes as you please.

In addition to the Big Book and a sobriety calculator, the app comes with a meeting finder as well as an array of podcasts, personal stories, and prayers. This app is definitely a must-have.

If you like physical books more than their digital counterparts, don't worry. We've got you covered.

6. rTribe

rTribe is great because it was created by former addicts. The app lets you communicate with others through group messaging or individual messaging. You can also track your recovery and reach out whenever you need it.

The app lets you do all of this and it lets you do it completely anonymous too. And it's free.

A unique feature with this app is you can start to identify what times of the day you feel triggered and want to use a substance. Knowing this will help tremendously as you can start to keep yourself occupied during those times.

Which of These Recovery Apps Are for Me?

At the end of the day, everyone is different and so is everyone’s recovery path. You need to pick which one is best for you.

You may end up going with a few recovery apps or maybe even all of them just to see which one works best. Whatever the case, we wish you luck on your path to sobriety. Never give up.

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