The Token Shop

The Token Shop was born in a small workspace in a garage in 2010. Many of the core values that began that day are still a part of our thriving recovery coin business and we believe they are the key to our ongoing success. From the very beginning we sought out quality products from reliable vendors. We purchased in quantities that allowed us to pass along the savings to our customers, striving to remain the most cost effective recovery coin shop on the web. Why? We want to earn an honest living, doing work that we enjoy, and we know every dollar your group saves on coins is another dollar that gets to stay in the service structure of your 12-step program, which could help to save the life of one more person struggling with addiction.
Over the years we have scaled for growth, expanded our shipping operation, upgraded our equipment, and fine tuned our operation in an effort to be as efficient as possible. Our website has undergone 3 major overhauls to bring you the best purchasing experience we can. Professional product photos were added to the catalog at the beginning of 2017 to insure the products you purchase match what you find on our website.
Today we ship 80-100 orders per day. We spend a portion of our day responding to customer inquiries with a personal touch. And just as it was from order number 1, we still write “thank you” on every packing slip that leaves our building, because we are grateful that you choose us for your recovery chip needs!
Thank you!
Dustin Washington