How to Find Peace in Sobriety

How to Find Peace in Sobriety

How to Find Peace in Sobriety After 5 years of sobriety, your  chances of relapse  are only 15%. The recovery journey is not an easy road, but it can be done and you can find peace in your sober life. This article is going to
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The 12 Spiritual Principles of AA Explained

The 12 Spiritual Principles of AA Explained

Contrary to what a lot of people think, the spirituality part of AA does not mean you have to be a Christian. The spiritual principles of AA cater to people of any faith. People have tried to understand spirituality and self-awareness for as long as we've been around, so it's understandable if you're looking for some guidance and information. Keep reading to learn about the principles of alcoholics anonymous.
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5 Places to Go for Your Next Recovery Retreat

5 Places to Go for Your Next Recovery Retreat

Everyone's path to recovery looks different. For many people, getting away from the daily grind can be essential to recovery. Between 50 and 90 percent of those in recovery will relapse. But having a chance to get away and stay in a sober environment that helps reconnect you with your spirit can prevent that from happening.
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Finding Peace: 5 Benefits of Using Meditation During Addiction Recovery

Finding Peace: 5 Benefits of Using Meditation During Addiction Recovery

One of the major aspects of having a successful recovery is learning how to properly manage stress. In the past, during stressful moments you may have turned towards substances to try to escape these overwhelming feelings, which of course wasn’t a permanent solution. As you learned that substance abuse only leads to self-destructive behavior and short term relief you made the first step of deciding to walk down the path to sobriety.
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Tips for Staying Sober with Meditation

Tips for Staying Sober with Meditation

In 2017, 19.7 million people were suffering from addiction. People from every age and from every walk of life can face the battle of addiction. Thankfully, once people decide to fight their addiction, they can learn steps to better themselves. One of the tools they can use on the path to recovery is meditation.
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Namaste! 5 Proven Benefits Of Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Namaste! 5 Proven Benefits Of Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Did you know that approximately 300 million people practice yoga worldwide? Out of these 300 million, approximately 43% of them practice yoga at home. Since yoga can bring so many health benefits, why should you do yoga for addiction recovery?
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Find Your Zen: Everything About Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Find Your Zen: Everything About Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Looking for ways to enhance your recovery?

Addiction is rampant in the United States. 21.5 million Americans struggled with a substance use disorder in 2014; 17% of men and 8% of women in the general population will experience alcoholism in their lifetimes.Those are scary figures.

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Working Through the 7th Step Prayer

When you are battling alcohol addiction, know that you're not alone. Some 18 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol addiction. 

The 7th step prayer, which is part of the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve step program, helps to strengthen hope and faith on the road to recovery.

If you want to get the most out of your recovery process, you'll need to focus on this step and prayer intently.

In this article, we'll discuss this prayer, how integral it is to recovery and how you can apply it to your life. 

Let's take a look below at the meaning of the prayer and how you can use it effectively in your addiction recovery process. 

Commit the 7th Step Prayer to Memory

Before you run out and start going through the 7th step prayer, you'll need to learn exactly what it says. This prayer revolves around asking for forgiveness for shortcomings.

It asks the Creator to get rid of any flaws that are keeping you from living the highest version of yourself. 

This 7th step prayer is deeply rooted in self-acceptance and humility, which are cornerstones of the recovery process. 

Use the Prayer Every Day, in Good Times and Bad

Consistency is the key to working the prayer to the benefit of your life. 

No matter your spiritual beliefs or affiliation, prayer is powerful from a scientific point of view. According to neurotheology, prayer literally changes your brain. 

You'll be able to use prayer to build your belief and willpower, which can change the circumstances of your physical reality. 

Because this prayer is so important, you'll need to make it an everyday part of your life. As with anything, repetition is crucial for making a change. Use this prayer when you wake up, before you go to sleep and during difficult times in your day. 

Apply the Prayer on a Personal Level

If you are planning to commit this 7th step prayer to memory and use it, make sure that it means something to you. 

It's one thing to recite the words, and another entirely to internalize it. 

When saying the prayer, try to invoke the feeling of what you're saying. Think about your joys and triumphs, contrasted by despair and failure. This way, when you say the prayer, you'll add emotion to it that can build your faith. 

Consider creating a vision board with all of your hopes and dreams. 

This way, you'll always remember your higher purpose and what you are trying to attain. Remember the rock bottom moments and tough times and use the prayer as a means to transcend those hard times. 

Understand the Importance of Humility

There's strength in humility. 

This very human character trait is often portrayed as a virtue of "niceness", rather than true strength. 

True humility involves quieting your ego and recognizing you're flawed. When you recognize your flaws, they're put in their place, as opposed to internalized through shame. 

The 7th step prayer focuses on humility, allowing you to recognize and acknowledge your weaknesses. Only then can you accept help. 

Humility lets you develop an accountability circle, celebrate your sobriety goals and get the support system that you need. 

Make it All About Your Work

Saying the 7th step prayer is an act of faith. A verse in the bible asserts that the works keep faith alive. 

In addition to reciting and memorizing the prayer, apply it to your goals. For instance, if you've always wanted to start a business, make sure that you're stepping out on faith to do so. 

Saying this prayer regularly will keep you in the proper frame of mind, which can then power you toward your goals. 

Continuously Develop Your Spiritual Footing

Make sure that your spiritual walk doesn't end with this prayer. 

There's value available in religious and spiritual systems -- no matter which you subscribe to. Read through spiritual texts in order to get some grounding in your life that can be helpful. 

The more you exercise your faith, the more conviction you'll have with the prayer itself. Whether strengthening your faith means reading spiritual texts, attending church services or finding gurus, you'll want to take this seriously. 

The healing from something deep as substance abuse won't happen overnight and requires your full focus and effort. 

Stay Involved in Your Groups and Meetings

Take your accountability groups, counseling and meetings seriously. 

Initial treatment is crucial, but your chances of success depend on how much work you put in with these constants. Rather than just assuming you've learned from mistakes, you'll need to both receive help and provide support. 

In these meetings, you'll typically have a sponsor and will receive a chip or other commemoration as you stay sober. Sharing with others recovering will make you continuously find new meaning and context to the 7th step prayer. 

Add Meditation To Your Lifestyle

Meditation will be useful to you no matter what sort of life you lead. 

For best results, make sure to meditate every single day. By meditating regularly, you'll be better able to stay in the moment and will change your brain networks. 

Perhaps most importantly, meditation will help you to quiet the part of your mind that is involved strictly in your survival. This impulse is only concerned with moments of the past and future but takes you out of the moment. 

The more that you meditate, the easier it will be to override your impulses and simply make clear decisions. 

By coupling the 7th step prayer with regular meditation, you'll find that you're less carried away with stress and better able to deal with the feelings that naturally arise inside of you. 

Since addiction is a mental and emotional issue, meditation and prayer are incredibly impactful.

The 7th Step Prayer Gives Hope

Applying the 7th step prayer helps you to find some grounding, so you can make the most out of your future. 

When you're sober, you'll have more clarity of mind, can get into better shape and enjoy impeccable physical health. 

Consider these tips so that you can employ the prayer in your recovery. 

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