Fight Addiction Through Meditation

The claws of addiction dig deep.

No matter what your drug of choice is, your brain has undergone changes due to substance use and abuse.

As a result, you try to fight addiction only to come full circle to the same point (or worse) you were in before.

But if only abstaining was enough to set yourself on the path to healing. If that were the case, treatment centers would be empty and meetings would become unnecessary.

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What to Get on Your Personalized AA Medallions

Going through AA is one of the most personal and intense experiences you can go through.  You may feel alone at times, but anyone going through the program should know that they're in good company.
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What it Means to Earn an AA Chip

Earning an Alcoholics Anonymous chip is no easy feat. It may seem like mile markers to those who are not in the program. It may seem laughable to take it everywhere with you. 

Yet, this all comes down to you.

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Why You Need a Relapse Prevention Plan

Many alcoholics and drug addicts you have stopped using multiple times. In fact, some of us quit every day. 

Only to start again the next morning. 

Too many people confuse recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as a plan to stop drinking and doing drugs. 

In fact, it is much different than stopping. 

And one of the essential parts of recovery is a relapse prevention plan. 

Creating a relapse prevention plan is like constructing a safety net for your sobriety. In the best of circumstances, you don't ever need a safety net. 

But if you ever do get in a life-threatening situation, you'll be glad it's there. 

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The Power of Prayer: Research Shows That The AA Prayer Reduce Cravings

Addiction is a misunderstood ailment that is often handled poorly.

Even those who have been sober for years can have cravings from time to time. 

That's why the AA prayer can be extremely comforting. 

Repeating a motivational phrase can do wonders for your recovery.

This is especially true when you are struggling to stave off cravings.

Prayer may seem like a shallow, trivial answer to a serious problem. 

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10 Things You Should Know About Sober Dating

A lot of people question whether it's possible or not to plan a date without drinks.

Today's dating world seems to revolve around a constant buzz, an obligatory drink that supposedly helps to ease nervous tension. The society has embraced drinks as a prerequisite for getting to know someone. 

But there are many benefits to living a sober lifestyle, which ultimately leads to a more rewarding dating experience.

So, Yes! Sober dating is possible, and it brings along a lot of benefits.

Before you think that your dating adventures will be over once you quit drinking, take your time to reflect on those 'epic' dates you had under the influence of alcohol. 

The hangovers, ridiculous battles with boyfriends, sharing of too much irrelevant information, and that awkward "Crap! What did I do last night."

So a goodbye to alcohol and all its attendant drama doesn't bid farewell to dating.

Instead, it opens up a door for you to meet the 'real guy' (albeit at the local coffee shop rather than at the next bar stool).

Sobriety is a wonderful experience, one that gives you a positive outlook on life. Read on to discover the life-changing lessons that you can learn from sober dating.

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