Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories During Recovery

Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories During Recovery

Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories During Recovery

Recovery is a process that involves tons of small victories along the way. Here's why it's important to acknowledge and celebrate them.

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The little things in life are the ones that mean the most to many people. While not drinking may be a no-brainer for many individuals, staying sober is a struggle for others. Every day there is a fight not to turn to alcohol is a damning disease that affects 6% of the adults in the US. 

This is the reason that what many see as small victories are huge feats to other people. When life is a struggle, it is important to celebrate victories and consider those small wins part of the biggest progress in life some individuals can make. 

Still not understanding why those AA coins are something to be proud of? We're here to let you know why they are and to convince you that all of those tiny wins are something you shouldn't take for granted. 

A Motivation Boost

Small victories can make all of the difference when it comes to staying sober. They are a motivation boost when someone is struggling. A posed reminder that something is going right, even in those moments where they feel as if nothing is going accordingly. 

Motivation is a big factor in staying sober and giving someone goals and purpose not to go back to the bottle. If you've been struggling to stay sober, small boosts of motivation are always helpful on your sobriety journey. 

From Negative to Positive

Celebrating is one of the best ways to take all of those negative thoughts and reinforce them with positivity. When you're dealing with sobriety and drinking it can be very easy to focus on the negative moments in life. The positive moments are the ones that are going to keep you from slipping backward. 

Positive reinforcement has been proven to help you stay on a right track and find grounding. Sobriety is a struggle, it's always beneficial to see the positive light when possible. 

Build Your Strength

Getting and staying sober after you've been drinking is a sign of strength that we often forget. Alcoholism is an addiction disease that can make you feel helpless and out of control. Being able to get and stay sober is a struggle that some individuals need to fight against every day. 

Celebrating the fact that you've worked against your vices is what you need to do. You're stronger than you may have thought you were when you started your journey to sobriety. Showcase that challenge for yourself and remember the strength it has taken to get to the space you're in now. 

Small Victories Aren’t So Small

Every moment and every accomplishment you make as a recovering alcoholic needs to be celebrated. Those small victories are an accomplishment you've worked so hard to fight for. Don't deny the process of how hard it is to be in recovery. 

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