7 Tips for Dealing with Temptation While Staying Sober

7 Tips for Dealing with Temptation While Staying Sober

So you’ve made the decision to get sober.

But now you have to battle temptation left, right, and center, every day, and sometimes it feels relentless. Staying sober can be challenging, but it’s worthwhile and you will be a much stronger and more resilient person on the other side of it.

It’s normal to struggle with temptation, but there are some changes you can make in your life to prevent relapse. Here are our top 7 tips to deal with alcohol addiction and stay sober.

1. Learn How to Stay Sober on a Night Out

Going out doesn’t have to mean drinking alcohol. You can learn to alter the connection in your mind between drinking and being out in a social setting.

Some of our tips include always having a non-alcoholic drink in your hand so you won’t have to keep saying no to people, and practicing learning how to have fun without alcohol.

2. Make Changes at Home

Get rid of anything in your living space that reminds you of drinking, including glasses, and any less obvious triggers you can think of.

Speak to anybody you live with, especially if you have roommates so that they can help you to avoid alcohol temptation in your home environment.

3. Build New Daily Routines and Habits

One of the most important tips for addiction recovery is removing the triggers in your daily routine. In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about habits being a response to a preceding event.

Find out what preceding events make you think about drinking, and try to build new positive daily habits in their place.

4. Have a Life Goal to Focus On

You’re less likely to face temptation when you’re occupied with something. Set a life goal for yourself, like a fitness goal, starting a business, or continuing your education.

These things will give you a sense of purpose that will keep you mentally busy and reduce your desire to drink.

5. Find a Support Network

Find family, friends, and loved ones who can be there to support your recovery. It helps to have someone to call when you’re struggling.

Having some people in your network who are also struggling with substance abuse will make you feel understood and less alone in what you’re going through.

6. Focus On Your Health

Try to eat foods that make you feel good and build a workout routine that you enjoy. When you see how it feels to be physically healthy, you’ll be less tempted to drink.

In terms of mental health, therapy or a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous will give you an opportunity to talk through your thoughts and feelings with like-minded people.

7. Have Positive Visualizations

Try to not imagine yourself giving in to temptation as if it’s inevitable. If you have plans to go out with friends, imagine yourself holding a non-alcoholic beverage and hanging out with your friends.

If you are regularly seeing yourself drinking alcohol in your mind, you’ll be more likely to be tempted in real life.

Avoiding Alcohol Temptation

To avoid temptation, know your triggers, find life goals to focus on, and have supportive people around you. Always remember your why and your motivation for quitting drinking — this will keep you going in the tough times.

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