How to Stay Sober on a Night Out and Enjoy It

How to Stay Sober on a Night Out and Enjoy It

Did you know that Do you know that 139.8 million Americans aged 12 and up consume alcohol? 14.8 million of them, or 10.6 percent, have an alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol has a lot of different effects on the body. With only the first drink, your heart and brain, liver, and other organs begin to undergo immediate physiological effects. However, these alterations can have long-term health consequences if you drink excessively.

For some, alcohol is simply not an option. It may be that you are sick, a recovering from alcohol abuse, you may dislike the taste, or you want to stay sober!

Whatever the reason, staying sober doesn't imply you can't have fun. Find out how to have a sober night out!

Make No Excuses

Explain it's your choice and stick to it even if your buddies make you feel guilty for not drinking. This is especially crucial when it comes to your health. 

Don't listen to the crowd if you don't drink because you want sober living. When asked why you don't drink, don't make-up stories, speak the truth, and don't get swayed.

Stay Sober and Join In the Fun!

Although drinking alcohol may make it easier for some people to dance the night away, it is also wholly feasible and conceivable for you to have fun while sober.

Participate in the fun by joining in the party antics. Laugh at everyone else's stupid jokes, and most importantly, keep in mind that there is no pressure.

Yes, Go Ahead Have a Drink!

We don't mean alcohol! Holding a non-alcoholic drink will keep people from asking if you'd like a drink. So, you won't have to keep saying no, and you will not be tempted to say yes! In addition, no one will be able to guess why you aren't drinking because they won't know.

Be Considerate

People shoving by you, yelling, or dancing in your space may not bother you as much, when you're drunk as when you are sober. Remember to be patient; they know not what they do!

Again, remember, a few drinks do not excuse inappropriate behavior, so make sure to call out anyone who crosses the line.

Relax and Know When To Leave

If the party becomes too much for you right now, for whatever reason:

  • Because you cannot get into the swing of things
  • Because you are a recovering from alcohol addiction
  • Because you don't feel comfortable being around alcohol

it is perfectly acceptable to leave. Your sobriety and mental well-being must take precedence over anything else right now. If the people present are indeed your friends, they will completely understand.

Alcohol-Free Fun!

Keep in mind that the only thing standing between you and a fun sober night out is yourself. So it's best not to expect any dramas and simply go with the flow, enjoy yourself, and have fun. If you are recovering from alcohol addiction you can now see the benefits of AA and sober living!

The best of all is that you will feel significantly better in the morning as well when you stay sober! No hangover!

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