What Does an Alcoholics Anonymous Program Consist Of? A Closer Look

What Does an Alcoholics Anonymous Program Consist Of? A Closer Look

Alcoholism is the cause of three million deaths per year. It's also the leading cause of premature mortality and disability for those aged 15 to 49.

To keep themselves alive, many who struggle with alcoholism find solace in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Many have found the strength to battle and be free from their addiction through the program. Still many don't fully understand how the program works.

Are you battling alcoholism and taking an interest in Alcoholics Anonymus to help you in that battle. Here is more information on what to expect in the program.

How Does The Alcoholics Anonymous Program Work?

Alcoholics Anonymous helps members through the 12 steps to recovery. While you may be familiar with the idea of AA meetings being a free for all discussion group, that's mostly due to the portrayal in films and TV shows. There are other forms an AA meeting can take. 

Speaker meetings usually involve one person speaking for about 30-40 minutes to share their story. Step meetings are where the meeting facilitator outlines the 12 steps of AA. Then there are meetings that serve as study sessions on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Gender-specific meetings are an option for those more comfortable in such a setting. There have also been virtual conventions in the wake of Covid. Whatever meeting you choose to attend, you will likely find a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you will be encouraged for taking the first step to recovery. 

Alcoholics Anonymous Chips

Alcoholics Anonymous coins are used to mark milestone points in a member's recovery. The chips have different colors to mark different milestones. 

Chips are handed out based on the time frame one is in on their recovery journey. A member will start out with a 24-hour chip, and then they will receive a chip on a monthly basis.

How the chips are used depends on the AA group. In some groups, there are token nights to celebrate an individual's journey. Others hand the chips out during meetings so people receiving the chips can celebrate together.

These chips are meant to keep you strong and remind you how far you have come. They are a token to celebrate your victories, and to know that your AA group is cheering you on.

Find A Group Today

Now that you know more about how the Alcoholics Anonymous program works, you should have nothing to be afraid of. AA is here to help you fight addiction with others who are also fighting the battle. Find a group and you'll be encouraged to know you aren't alone.

If you want to learn more about AA and the journey to sobriety, our blog is a great resource. You'll learn more about AA as well as how to deal with withdrawal, alternative activities to drinking, and what you can start looking forward to as you become sober. Visit us and let us be a guide on your road to freedom.