What No One Tells You About Getting Sober

What No One Tells You About Getting Sober

Getting sober is essential for your health, relationships, and career. But what can you expect along the way? Here's the real truth about sobriety.

There's no doubt about it- getting sober is hard work. For many people, it improves relationships, health and it can put you back on track with your career. There are so many positives to getting sober that the negatives aren't often talked about. 

If you think you need to give up alcohol, or you're currently taking part in a sobriety program, here are some of the things that you may not know.

1. Hours Will Seem Like Days

When you're trying to get sober, the days may seem longer than they actually are. The problem with alcoholism is it takes up a lot of time. You may have spent your evenings in the local bar or drunkenly singing karaoke every weekend. 

When those activities have to stop, you're suddenly left with a heap of time to waste. This, ironically, makes it even harder to reach your goals. That's why programs, such as AA coins, allow you to take it a step at a time. 

2. It Feels Like a Break-Up

You know that terrible feeling of dread you get when you break up with someone and have to face the future without them? Parting ways with alcohol is very similar when you've developed a dependency

You may even think in similar ways to a break-up. Although you know you have to let go, you may not be entirely convinced that you won't get back together at some point in the future. The best thing you can do is cut all ties.

3. You'll Look Younger

Here's one everyone can get on board with. Drinking more alcohol than you should, can make you age prematurely. People who go sober or have never drunk alcohol irresponsibly tend to look younger than they actually are. 

You may not have been told it, but getting sober can have a dramatic effect on your skin. You'll likely notice it start to become firmer, supple and more youthful.

4. You're Less Likely To Put Yourself in Dangerous Situations

For many people, this very reason has triggered the start of sobriety. Unfortunately, when you're drunk, you become a target. Whether it's men preying on women who are incoherent or muggers seeing an opportunity to steal your money or belongings.

The sad truth is, many women have regained consciousness during the middle of sex with no idea whether they consented or not. Taking part in programs where AA chips are given at each important milestone is a great way to encourage yourself to stay safe.

Getting Sober Isn't For the Faint of Heart

When alcoholism consumes so much of your life, getting sober can be one of the most difficult hurdles you ever face. However, these often temporary difficulties lead the way to a far better existence. 

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