Do All AA Meetings Give Out Chips? (And Other Important Questions)

Over 14 million American adults have struggled with alcohol addiction at some point in their life. 

Getting sober can turn your life around for the better, but it is a long and difficult journey. AA meetings can make the process a little bit easier by giving support, encouragement, and chips. 

What are these chips?

We've put together this guide to help you understand their importance. 

Does Every AA Meeting Give You Chips?

As a general rule, every AA meeting gives out chips, but these chips don't always look the same. 

For example, some AA meetings put the length of a person's sobriety while others might have the AA Circle or the Serenity Prayer. Depending on the AA meeting you go to, your chip might have a mix of several of these things. 

But the important part of the chip isn't what it looks like. Each chip carries a lot of significance with it.  

The Different AA Chips

The meaning of an AA chips changes depending on how long you've been sober. Here's a quick look at the most common AA chips. 

Day One 

This is the first day of your journey to sobriety (and a healthier and happy you). You can keep this chip with you to help you stay strong when you start to face the withdrawal symptoms. 

Sometimes this chip—even though it's the lowest one—is the hardest to get. 

Day 30

This chip symbolizes you making real, long-term changes in your life.

Making it your first month without alcohol might not seem like a big milestone, but the opposite is true. You haven't lived without alcohol as a part of your life for maybe years. 

Day 60

If you get the Day 60 chip, it means you haven't given up and you're staying strong. This proves to many people they're stronger than they think.  

Day 90

Resisting the temptation to drink is never easy, and that's why making it 90 days is a huge accomplishment. This chip shows sober is your new "normal," and this is also the point where sobriety might start feeling a little easier. 

Day 180

This chip doesn't just show your strength, it also shows your pride. When you carry this chip, you can be proud of the new person you're becoming. 

Day 270

Making it 270 days sober symbolizes that you are in control of your life now. You aren't ruled by your addiction, and though there will still be ups and downs, you've got this under control. 

Day 365

You did it! You've been sober for an entire year. This chip is a reminder of how far you've come since day one and how much you've grown, both mentally and spiritually. 

Understanding the Importance of Chips from AA Meetings 

The chips you get from AA meetings might seem small, but they hold a lot of significance. These little chips symbolize your strength and your journey to becoming a new person. 

But the battle is always hard. 

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