Why Do Members Carry AA Recovery Coins Around?

AA recovery coins are a physical reminder of an amazing spiritual achievement. After staying sober for a significant period of time, many people in recovery choose to commemorate their accomplishment with one of these special coins. 

Many members of AA and other 12-step groups like to keep their sobriety coins with them wherever they go. There are many personally meaningful reasons people choose to carry their recovery coins with them. Read on to learn more about these sobriety symbols and what they mean to those who carry them.  

What Do AA Recovery Coins Look Like?

Most recovery coins feature a triangle of the three pillars of the AA program-- unity, service, and recovery-- as well as the slogan "To Thine Own Self, Be True". On the reverse side is the Serenity Prayer. 

For the first year of sobriety, aluminum coins or plastic tokens are given for each month. There is a different color coin for each month. The most commonly given coins are the 24-hour coin, one month, two months, three months, six months, and nine months.

After the first year, bronze sobriety coins are common. They usually feature the number of years in Roman numerals. Sobriety coins are not an official part of the program of AA, so coin designs may differ slightly in some regions. 

How Do You Get a Sobriety Coin? 

Different AA groups have individual ways of giving out coins. Some give them out at each meeting, and others have a special sobriety anniversary celebration. You can even customize a special recovery coin for yourself or a loved one who is celebrating a sobriety birthday. 

Why Do People Carry Recovery Coins?

Recovery coins are an important symbol of a person's accomplishments in getting and staying sober. The reasons for keeping a recovery coin close are numerous, and they vary from person to person. Here are some of the most common reasons to carry a recovery coin. 

A Meaningful Reminder

Carrying a sobriety coin means you'll always have a physical reminder of your commitment to staying sober. It can remind you to always take things one day at a time and to stay in today. Having a recovery coin nearby can also serve as a helpful reminder of what to do when thoughts about alcohol or other substances enter your mind. 

A Sense of Pride

Recovery coins remind people to be proud of their sobriety. They have overcome so much on their journey, and that should be celebrated every day. Recovery isn't easy, and they are strong for having made such big changes in their life. 


Recovery coins symbolize an incredible accomplishment, and they can remind people to be grateful for their sobriety. The sober way of life may not always be easy, but there is so much to be thankful for.  

Hope and Faith

When things get tough, recovery coins are a reminder that there is always hope. There was a point in time when having one day sober seemed impossible. Having a sobriety symbol in your pocket or purse is there to remind you that no matter what challenges appear, you can still have faith. 

A Powerful Symbol of Sobriety

Much more than just a poker chip, AA recovery coins are a powerful reminder of a commitment to sobriety. It's important to celebrate every victory on the lifelong road of recovery. 

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