Hidden Momentum: What Is the Significance of the AA 1 Year Chip Milestone?

What Is the Significance of the AA 1 Year Chip Milestone?

Making the decision to quit drinking is one of the most difficult choices a person can make. So, as you get sober, it is important to celebrate every small milestone you pass from 24hr to 14 days to six months. However, there is something special about getting that AA 1-year chip as a way to celebrate your sobriety birthday and acknowledge all the hard work you have put in staying clean.

Here are some of what reaching that one year mark can mean and how getting this chip can be a great way to celebrate a year of sober living.

You Made It 365 days

One of the most common and often repeated phrases in the AA program is "one day at a time". And while it is important to look at each day that lead you to this point, it is more important that you focus on the achievement of being clean and sober for 365 days. So, relish getting that AA 1-year chip to show how far you have come.

It is okay to feel emotional and even a little overwhelmed. You have been through a lot of changes over the last year. There have more than likely been some days when you were sure you could do it, but you did it and that is something to be proud of and celebrate.

Don't Be Afraid To Celebrate

Just like with any important and meaningful accomplishment, you should celebrate your first sobriety birthday. Whether it is the first day you went without using any substances, the anniversary of your first AA meeting, or any other day you chose, commemorating the day can be a great way to remind yourself of the all the hard work, good life choices, the strength you demonstrated by staying clean, and all the new friends you have made along the way.

So, go to dinner at a nice restaurant, have a party, or just sit with some friends from AA and really look at the accomplishments you have achieved over the last year. Also, don't be afraid to invite family and non AA friends along. It is important to mark this milestone with everyone you love.

Reflect on Your Friendships and Relationships

When you get sober, you are going to lose some people in your life, whether they were friends, family members, even romantic partners because you quit drinking. In our society, it is considered abnormal to not drink and if you don't it is going to make certain people in your circle uncomfortable. And that is ok. 

Because you are going to make other friends and have other romantic partners who are supportive and invested in this new life you are creating for yourself. So use your AA 1-year chip as a way to remind yourself that there are people in this world who are there to help you through your sobriety journey. 

Display Your AA 1-Year Chip With Pride

You should be proud of all the hard work you have done. It takes a lot of courage to begin the path to sobriety and even more to continue to walk that path. So, take and display your AA 1-year chip with pride.

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