Why You Need to Celebrate Your Sobriety Birthday

Sobriety is something that you must constantly work on because recovery never really ends. Constant reflection on ongoing sobriety and celebrating your achievements is very important to stay on the wagon.

If you've got a sobriety birthday coming up and you're not sure if you want to do anything for it, keep reading to see just why it's important.

What Is a Sobriety Birthday?

Simply put, a sobriety birthday is a day that a person chooses to celebrate their sobriety. It could be the anniversary of their first day without alcohol or the day they went to their first AA meeting. The actual event isn't as important as the reason behind it.

No matter what day you choose for your sobriety anniversary, it's very helpful for a lot of people to have a day to celebrate it. You'll find that many of your sober friends will look forward to celebrating with you.

Tokens and Mementos

For those in the AA program, you may be familiar with coins that are handed out for sobriety milestones. These AA coins are given out every month for the first year and then every year after that. 

These are fantastic ways to celebrate sobriety as collecting the tokens can give you an inspiring physical remembrance of your journey.

Celebrate in Style

Sober people know how to have fun without alcohol. There are many things you can do to make a great day out of your sobriety anniversary and you shouldn't be afraid to do so.

Grab your friends and go on a sobriety retreat. Go out to a nice restaurant or the theater. No matter what you choose to do, do so with friends that recognize and support your goal. 

Reflect on It All

Whether you're out to dinner with friends, celebrating at an AA meeting or just keeping quiet at home, reflection is key. Thinking back on where you've been and how much progress you've made keeps you focused and on track.

Celebrating with loved ones makes this even better. It doesn't have to be as public as Kristen Bell's beautiful message to her husband, even private reflection with friends can be a powerful experience.

Remember Why

Celebrations and special events are traditionally some of the hardest days for people in recovery. For many, days like that are closely connected to alcohol and it can be hard to separate it.

Giving yourself a reason to celebrate your sobriety is a great exercise in celebrating and having fun without the need for alcohol. Thanking your family and friends and reminding them that you appreciate them and the help they have given you is another fantastic way to celebrate. 

Keep Coming Back

You should be proud of your sobriety birthday and the journey you've gone on to get here. Reminding yourself that it's okay to love yourself keeps you focused on what makes you truly happy.

To get in on the celebration and cheer on others as they hit milestones, check out some great gifts and sobriety coins that you can order.