What to Expect When Joining an AA Group

What to Expect When Joining an AA Group

Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide organization, running groups in over 180 countries that help more than two million members. However, the prospect can seem daunting for those considering joining an AA group.

But seeking help and companionship when undertaking a sobriety journey can be a huge step toward your goals.

That's why we've written this guide on what you can expect when joining an AA group. Whether you're contending with alcohol addiction or curious about how AA can help you curb your unhealthy tendencies with drinking, read on to find out more about AA.

Attending an AA Group Is Simple

Becoming a member of an AA group sounds like something that requires paperwork and time. In reality, it's easy: just find a group near you that fits your schedule and turn up.

AA is an organization founded on respecting people's privacy and dignity throughout their substance abuse recovery.

You aren't required to sign in or make an appointment. There is no stigma to fear through having your name attached to AA: only you and the people in the group have to know that you attend. Whether you tell others or not is your choice.

You will not be faced with intrusive questions, nor will you be expected to commit to that group—or indeed AA as a program.

Overall, if you choose to try an AA meeting, you should find that they are friendly and relaxed. Nothing should ever be demanded of you at AA—you control when you speak and decide if you want to return.

There's No Need to Worry

Many are worried before their first meeting. This is because of the personal nature of people's decision to join AA and tackle substance abuse issues.

How Much Does It Cost?

Attending an AA meeting is totally free of charge. However, there may be a collection at the end.

Only AA members can contribute to the collection. It covers the cost of the venue and refreshments. There is no obligation to put in if you cannot do so.

Will I Have to Speak?

This is a prevalent worry that people considering AA have. Standing up and telling your story to strangers is an alarming prospect, and many already feel vulnerable when they first start AA.

That's why you will never be forced or expected to speak in front of the group. If you just want solidarity, you can listen to others for support. However you want to engage, you will never be forced to do anything at an AA group.

AA Can Help You Recover

Now that you know a little more about what to expect from an AA group, you can choose where to go next in your recovery. Whether you want to share your story or just want to feel some companionship from people who understand, AA can help you.

As the providers of AA tokens, we know about the positive impact attending AA can have on people's lives. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about the token system or want to celebrate a milestone in recovery by getting a token.

And remember, joining AA is nothing to be afraid of.