Top 8 Alternatives to Drinking

Top 8 Alternatives to Drinking

Top 8 Alternatives to Drinking

We've searched around to find the top 8 alternatives to drinking so if you or a loved one quit drinking, you can still have fun together!

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Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects almost 15 million Americans ages 12 and older. AUD is an inability to stop drinking alcohol despite the negative consequences which are often many.

Getting sober is challenging but well worth the effort. Excessive drinking harms your body and mind as well as your relationships. 

Are you looking for some good alternatives to drinking? 

Here are eight alternatives to drinking so you can have some fun and relax without turning to alcohol. 

1. Take Up a Musical Instrument

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar or another instrument? This is a good time!

Group lessons are usually less expensive than solo lessons and are a great way to meet new people. Music also improves your cognitive function and mental health

2. Make Exercise a Habit

Exercise is a great stress reliever, and the gym is a good place to meet other people interested in a healthy lifestyle. You don't have to be a gym rat since even a short 30-minute sweat session offers health benefits. 

Exercises that combine the mind and body, such as Tai-Chi and yoga, are great for helping you resist the temptation to drink. 

3. Meditation

Meditation helps you learn to control your thoughts which helps you control your urges. Meditation also helps reduce anxiety which is often a trigger for alcohol abuse. 

4. Learn a Language

Learning a language is challenging and keeps you busy. It's also another great way to meet new people. Learning a new language is also good for your brain and cognitive function. 

5. Learn Healthy Cooking

Eating at home is healthier than eating out, but not everyone knows how to cook. Learning about new foods and healthy cooking is a great hobby that can lead to a healthier new you. You'll enjoy cooking more if you know the tips and tricks. 

6. Start a Book Club

Do you love to read? Start a book club with other sober-minded friends. Reading and book club get-togethers are a fun distraction to help you avoid temptation.  

7. Make Regular Coffee Dates

We live in an alcohol-heavy culture and meeting for drinks after work and for dates is common. Instead of meeting for an alcoholic libation, make coffee or tea dates instead. 

This may be challenging at first if you relied on alcohol to ease anxiety but you'll soon learn the art of conversation. With practice, you'll gain confidence.   

8. Find Alternative Drinks

It's inevitable you'll find yourself in situations where the people around you are drinking alcohol. Come up with a few mocktails you like so you'll know what to order. Your social life doesn't need to suffer because you've quit drinking. 

Great Alternatives to Drinking

There are some great alternatives to drinking if you're working on living a sober lifestyle. Socializing may feel intimidating at first, but pick a few suggestions from the list and give them a go! 

Good luck on your road to recovery, and if you need a virtual meeting, you can find one here. Don't forget to commemorate your sobriety with an AA token.