How Tai-Chi Can Help You Resist Temptations to Drink

How Tai-Chi Can Help You Resist Temptations to Drink

If a solid half of people struggle in their first year of recovery, it's important to throw every tool you have at the challenge to resist temptations.

Tai-chi is a martial art that uses breathing and gentle movement to enable meditation. It is great for beginners looking to get into both fitness and meditation as you can slowly embrace both. 

Using tai-chi as part of an Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-step program to assist in recovery can be an important step to giving yourself control over your body and mind. Resist the temptation to drink with this ancient martial art.


Ever heard "idle hands are the devil's plaything"? While the phrase is a touch dramatic, it makes a good point about how having emptiness in your life leaves room for less positive influences.

Many people first get introduced to substances they may go on to abuse in the lulls of boredom or emptiness in their life. Part of turning to a healthier life is filling it with positive activities.

Use tai-chi as a healthy hobby to concentrate on. 

Physical Health

We know that taking care of physical health is an important part of caring for mental health. Using tai-chi as physical exercise to keep your body in good health while you work on your heart and mind can be an important step in recovery.

Tai-chi is believed to improve both motor function and muscle recovery. Especially when paired with other types of physical activity, tai-chi can help your body get into good shape. 

As you build up physical activities, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good, like endorphins. For many coming out of addiction, your brain may be struggling without substances that prompt these chemicals artificially. Exercise is one of the best ways to let your body make them again on their own.

Stress Management and Meditation

If you need to manage stress, tai-chi is a way of staying physically and mentally engaged to reduce stress.

Tai-chi puts an emphasis on meditation. Meditation is the act of observing thoughts and letting them go without necessarily believing them.

As science begins to understand meditation more, it has learned that meditation has effects on the body as well as the mind. For those looking for optimal health and mental strength, meditating can be a great tool.

When focusing on a goal such as sobriety, meditation can be used to start off each day with the intention of pursuing this goal. Give your recovery the mental attention it deserves with tai-chi and meditation.

Resist Temptations With Tai-Chi

If you want to collect more AA Coins and get to your next AA medallions milestone, use tai-chi to resist temptations. Tai-chi can be a great way to fill time during the adjustment to a new way of living in recovery, to start physical activity, and to begin a meditation practice.

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