The Ultimate Guide to Milestone AA Tokens

The Ultimate Guide to Milestone AA Tokens

Did you know that there have been over 96,000 deaths from drug abuse every year?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious cause of illness and death in today's world. But going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings has changed the lives of many people.

As you reach different milestones in AA, you receive tokens to celebrate your progress. While this may differ between each program, we've created a general guide for reaching AA tokens milestones.

If you're unsure what those milestones are, read on to find out!

Silver AA Tokens

Silver is the first token to look forward to. This means that you have made a commitment to sobriety. This token is normally given after the first 24-hour mark. It can also be given when you first make a commitment. 

This first step can be very hard, but it is helpful to have a physical representation of the commitment you made. 

Red AA Tokens

Red tokens represent sobriety for 30 days. For many people, this may be the hardest part because you experience withdrawal symptoms.

Something to look forward to though is that you will receive this award for fulfilling your commitment for 30 days. Plus, you have many other people supporting you along the way and giving you encouragement. 

Green AA Tokens

Green tokens represent sobriety for 90 days (3 months). At this point, your withdrawal symptoms should be at a minimum if you do happen to be experiencing anything. 

There may still be a temptation to drink or abuse substances, but it won't be as hard as your first day or even your first month. 

Blue AA Tokens

Blue tokens represent 6 months. That's half a year of sobriety!

This is an outstanding milestone to reach and the chances of relapsing continue to decrease. You will receive a blue token as a symbol of how well you are doing. 

Purple AA Tokens

Purple tokens represent 9 months, which means you are almost at a year. This is a milestone to be extremely proud of.

With your one-year anniversary in sight, you should feel the motivation and encouragement to continue on. 

Bronze AA Tokens

You will receive a bronze token for your one-year anniversary of sobriety! 

Each year after this, you will receive another bronze token. It is something to look forward to each year. With this special token in mind, you can feel motivated to keep going. 

These tokens are special and represent the difficult but valuable journey of addiction recovery. You can display your tokens as a proud reminder of your commitment as you continue through the years. 

Are There Any Other Tokens?

There are some tokens that you may be given between these months. These, however, are the general milestones you can look forward to.

Through these milestones, you will have a plethora of people to assist you when times get hard. Alcohols Anonymous meetings are extremely important in order for you to have support.

It is important to know that you are not alone, and there is no shame in asking for help. AA services are the perfect outlet to help you.

Represent Your Journey

Symbolize your hard journey with AA tokens. This physical representation and reminder can be a great comfort when you are struggling. At The Token Shop, we offer tokens for every milestone in AA groups.

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