The Beauty of AA Recovery Jewelry Gifts

The Beauty of AA Recovery Jewelry Gifts

15.1 million people across the United States have an issue with alcohol abuse. For some, the addiction becomes so severe that they seek treatment. One of the things that they learn in treatment is the importance of attending Alcoholics Anonymous or AA.

When in this program, they begin a journey known as the 12 Step Program that continues to help them through their recovery journey. With the holidays coming up AA recovery jewelry is one gift that your recovering loved one is sure to love, and here's why.

Serves as a Daily Reminder

One of the most critical aspects of AA coins is that it serves as a reminder. It reminds the recovering addict of who they used to be and the new leaf they've turned over in life. It reminds them of all the hard work they've put into conquering their past demons and becoming a better person.

Beginning the sobriety journey is one of the most courageous, overwhelming, and challenging decisions someone in active addiction can make. It's a journey that has to be taken day by day.

Gifting someone in recovery with an AA token helps them always remember why they decided to enter into recovery in the first place and reinforces the 12 step program steps they've taken.

Shows You Care

When a person first enters into recovery, they learn how essential a support system is. The support system is who will be there for them during the days when they're having a tough time, and all they want to do is use.

The support system will be there to remind them that they may be falling back into old habits or simply provide a hug when no words are necessary. Sobriety jewelry is an excellent way to show that you're supporting your loved one in their journey, and you see the progress that their making.


Even with the best intentions, there are going to be times when someone in recovery is struggling. They may feel as if they're trying and getting nowhere or as if they aren't making any real progress in their sobriety journey.

AA jewelry can be the motivation they need to continue on the path of recovery. When recovery began, no one was ever promised it would be easy and was told that some days would be more challenging than others. But, feeling those sobriety tokens in one's pocket or seeing them could be motivation enough to ward off those thoughts of using.

AA Recovery Jewelry: Tis the Season to Remember

AA recovery jewelry is the best way to show someone in recovery that they're doing great and to keep on keeping on. It can also serve as a reminder of why they decided to enter into recovery.

If you're not sure where to purchase AA jewelry, contact The Token Shop. There are tons to view, including gift ideas and AA coins that might be in recovery.