Spiritual Growth: Practicing Patience in Your Everyday Sober Life

Spiritual Growth: Practicing Patience in Your Everyday Sober Life

Spiritual growth goes hand-in-hand with the 12 steps of recovery. There's no other way to change your life but to focus on growing as an individual, and integral to this growth is a spiritual awareness that will help you become a better person.

The reality is that recovery from addiction is a long road. Learning to cultivate patience is key to your spiritual growth as an individual, and in turn, your long-term sobriety.

If you want to learn more about why being patient is so important in your recovery journey, this blog is for you.

What Does Patience Mean in Recovery?

Patience is a core principle of the spiritual journey you'll embark on during recovery from addiction. Working on your spiritual health helps you to remain focused. It gives your life meaning and purpose, and along with this, you can develop helpful life skills to achieve your goal of life-long sobriety. One of these important life skills is patience.

When it comes to recovery, patience is something you'll have to practice every single day, day in and day out. Recovery is a process. It's a journey in itself. The more patience you have with yourself and the process, the better your chance of maintaining your sobriety.

But what does being patient actually look like in recovery?

It means you'll be able to deal with life stress differently. You can learn to deal with issues calmly, instead of defaulting to bad habits. Patience means you'll be able to recognize that failing at something, doesn't mean you're a failure. It's a chance to grow and get better. Practicing patience allows you to put in real effort and understand that the results you want take time.

Why Patience is So Important for Sobriety

Addiction is a disease that alters the chemistry of the brain, affecting the prefrontal cortex. This is a region of the brain responsible for self-control and decision-making capabilities.

Over time, addiction wears down this area of the brain and many people in recovery need to re-learn how to practice self-control and better decision making. This is where practicing patience while living an intentional life is key.

Here's why patience is so important for sobriety:

  • It helps you to understand that treatment might take longer for you, than for others. Being patient helps you deal with this frustration
  • It makes the process of recovery more manageable as you allow yourself the time you need to fully heal
  • It's important because it helps you be patient with the people around you, i.e. your loved ones supporting your journey, or loved ones who also need time to heal
  • It's vital to rebuilding trust in relationships, which always takes time

Patience also helps you, as an individual, to manage unexpected challenges that show up in your life. It can encourage you to live in the moment and give you the strength to resist cravings. Being patient with yourself allows you to become more accepting of yourself and the journey toward a sober life.

Practicing Patience is Vital to Spiritual Growth

All humans are capable of change - no matter what your past looks like. No matter how much shame you carry with you. Being patient in your journey of recovery is essential to both your personal and spiritual growth. The more you practice patience, the better you'll get at it.

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