Facing The Challenges Of Sobriety With Hope

Facing The Challenges Of Sobriety With Hope

Making big changes in life doesn't come easily, especially when the outcome is unpredictable. Oftentimes it's easier to choose not to change rather than facing the fear of the unknown.

We feel fear when we consider failure. We feel when imagining what our lives will look like if we stay as we are, stuck in a destructive loop.

Fortunately, fear is far less powerful than hope. All we need to do is learn how to use it.

The 12 spiritual principles of AA form a firm foundation to help sufferers of alcoholism do just that. Read on to find out more.

The 12 Spiritual Principles of AA

Tackling addiction isn't something to take lightly, and success doesn't happen overnight. The road to sobriety doesn't end, it's a path that twists and turns and one that often requires direction to stay the course. This is where having access to the wisdom of years comes in handy.

Since 1935 people have been meeting to discuss their troubles concerning alcohol in the hope of finding help while recovering from an alcohol addiction. Over the years, many different strategies have been developed to aid sufferers of alcoholism regain their lives and the hope they need to believe in themselves.

The most famous of these are the "Twelve Steps" which, when followed, provide an effective route to conquering addiction and leaving alcohol behind forever. This method coupled with the support of other members has proven time and time again to give hope to people who thought all hope was lost.

Symbols of Hope

After a certain time of successful sober living, members of AA often begin to carry a token to remind themselves of their progress. These tokens come in many different forms but are most commonly seen as coins. The idea isn't to show off their success to other people, it's to serve the owner as a reminder of how far they've come and to urge them to continue.

Keeping a coin in your pocket acts as a powerful physical reminder of the plight against addiction and a reminder that every day spent without a drink is another victory. Acquiring a new coin with the number of days, weeks, or years of successive sobriety stamped into it is something to be proud of, and a prompt to remember the fact.

Buying a set of tokens indicating increasingly long periods of sobriety not only gives hope for the future but also incentivizes the journey. Looking forward to changing your existing coin for the next takes some of the severity away from healing from alcoholism, and can even make the process fun as you take pride in your progress.

Staying Sober One Day at a Time

Following the recovery steps outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous is a tried and true method of finally overcoming the affliction of alcoholism. The 12 spiritual principles of AA have proven a guiding light for thousands of people over the years, and many people attribute their success to them directly.

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