How to Be Social Without the Reliance on “Liquid Courage”

How to Be Social Without the Reliance on “Liquid Courage”

How to Be Social Without the Reliance on “Liquid Courage”

You can have a lot of fun without drinking. Learn how to be social and fun at parties without needing to have a few drinks of "liquid courage" here.

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Alcoholism. It is a disease and alcohol can end up being something that people get too dependent on. 

When that happens, they tend to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Currently, there are over two million people across the world that are members of that organization. 

In the old days, you may have needed liquid courage to go out for the night and socialize with people. If you are trying to stay sober, you are likely looking for ways to change that. 

How do you have fun without drinking? How do you get yourself to be social with people while you are staying sober? 

This is your guide. 

Focus on a Physical Activity 

One thing that you can do on a sober night out is focus on a physical activity. Yes, there may be alcohol served in that location. However, you can still socialize with people while taking part in an activity that can give you breaks from both. 

TopGolf is a good example of this. It is essentially a business that gives people an opportunity to hit golf balls like they are on a driving range. The main difference is they make a game just out of that. 

You can do other things such as going to an escape room, go bowling, try your luck at axe throwing, and more. 

All of these activities are ones that you have to actively participate in. However, you also have the opportunity to hang out with a group and have a friendly competition within that group. 

Change Your Environment 

Another thing that you may need to do is to try to change your environment. You may have been hanging out with acquaintances or friends of your friends regularly on nights out. 

You may not have the closest relationship with those people and they could be ones that like to party. They could encourage more drinking and partying. As a result, you may only feel comfortable being in that environment if you have some liquid courage. 

This is a situation where people may experience situational anxiety. It is anxiety that comes up when people are put in a new or uncomfortable situation. As a result, it could lead people to drink alcohol to try to loosen up. 

If you are trying to remain sober, you need to find a new environment to surround yourself in. This may even take finding a new group of friends to hang out with that do not openly encourage you to drink more alcohol. 

Once you find a comfortable and peaceful environment, the need for liquid courage should die down. 

Conquer Liquid Courage 

Liquid courage could be very tempting because it gives you an opportunity to loosen up socially. However, that excuse could lead you to some bad habits. Also, you can end up using alcohol as a crutch. 

Find ways to be social without relying on alcohol. Remind yourself of this goal and purchase an AA chip here