4 Ways to Manage Your Triggers After Rehab

4 Ways to Manage Your Triggers After Rehab

4 Ways to Manage Your Triggers After Rehab

Once you leave rehab, you'll run into tough times. But if you learn to manage your triggers, they'll be easier to handle. Find out how here.

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In the US, around 22% of the population over 12 used illicit drugs in the past year. Some are lucky enough to stop at experimenting, while others are less fortunate and develop dependence and addiction.

If you're in the latter group, but have gotten through rehab and are now sober, that's a huge accomplishment. However, your struggles won't stop here.

Back in normal life, there will be tons of triggers that'll tempt you to use again. If you know how to handle them though, you'll have an easier time adjusting.

Keep reading to learn four ways to manage your triggers.

1. Hang Out With Supportive People

Chances are, your old group of friends still party, meaning they're around substances and alcohol. You don't necessarily have to cease all interactions with them, but if you have friends that drink and do drugs, it's best to find other people who won't pressure you to partake.

This can make going out with friends less stressful. And you can trust that they won't tempt you to relapse.

2. Find a New Hobby or Interest

Before, you spent all your time consumed by your addiction. Now that you're sober, you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands, and you're getting antsy.

One way to fend off triggers is to find healthy new hobbies and interests. Whether it's yoga and jogging, or gardening and painting, there are many ways to get natural "highs."

What's even better is you can make new friends this way. Together, you can do something fun without involving substances and alcohol.

3. Join Support Groups

Group therapy was probably key in your recovery, so you understand how important it is to have a good support network.

After rehab, you can join support groups that'll keep you on the right path. They provide safe spaces where you can talk openly about the ups and downs of recovery, and others will understand and empathize with you.

They'll even celebrate your achievements! For example, in Alcoholics Anonymous, you'll get AA coins for reaching milestones, like one month of sobriety. These physical things can serve as a reminder to work hard at staying sober.

4. Try Medications

If you're really struggling to manage your triggers effectively, then medications may be beneficial.

Depending on what substances you've used, your doctor may be able to prescribe drugs that help with cravings. Some can also diminish the high you get. Both can dissuade you from relapsing.

Manage Your Triggers and Thrive

It can be hard to manage your triggers, even with guidance. But with support from family and friends, and a genuine interest in wholesome things, you can overcome these obstacles and stay on the right track.

As a result, you'll have a beautiful recovery experience. Plus, you can be proud of your achievements!

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