How Rehab Can Help Teach You To Abstain From Alcohol

How Rehab Can Help Teach You To Abstain From Alcohol

How Rehab Can Help Teach You To Abstain From Alcohol

Are you struggling with alcohol addiction and want to get sober? Then try rehab. Here's how it can teach you to abstain from alcohol.

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Around 63% of American adults over 18 drink alcohol, so in our society, it's difficult to avoid these drinks.

You might find yourself having a few beers at a party, glasses of wine to relax at night, and multiple cocktails when partying with friends. Before you know it, you have an alcohol addiction.

Seeking outside help can lead you to sobriety though. Although we won't claim it's easy, it's possible, and your best bet is through a rehabilitation facility.

Below are all the ways rehab can teach you to abstain from alcohol.


Many people aren't aware of the harmful effects that alcohol has on the body. They only see and experience the fun side of things.

In reality, alcohol can significantly impact your body and brain, as well as your mental health.

The professionals at rehab can present this information in a digestible way that's not accusatory either. That way, you'll think twice the next time you're triggered to drink.

Coping Mechanisms

Often, people drink because they're trying to escape boredom or trauma. But drinking is only a bandaid for these things, and you develop an unhealthy habit too.

In rehab, they'll teach you effective coping mechanisms so the chances of you relapsing are lower. For example, they'll teach you relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

The next time you feel like drinking alcohol, you can try these coping mechanisms instead. You'll find that simply doing a breathing exercise for a few minutes can help you overcome the need to drink.


It's likely that you have unaddressed trauma or mental health issues that you're masking with drinking. It might be difficult to do, but ultimately, therapy shines a spotlight on these things so you can resolve them.

In most rehab centers, they use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps you change your mindset and outlook. With a new perspective on life, you won't find alcohol to be the main focus of your life anymore.

Support Groups

One of the best rehab benefits is your access to support groups. You'll be amongst people who are walking the same path you are, so you won't feel as alone. Plus, you can keep supporting one another after rehab, which boosts your chance of remaining sober.

You can even join online meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous if you don't feel comfortable attending in person. Regardless, you'll still find a group of nonjudgmental people who will motivate you to avoid drinking.

Abstain From Alcohol With Help From Rehab

While it's possible to abstain from alcohol on your own, it's a lot easier if you go to rehab. Not only are there trained and experienced professionals to assist you, but there are also other people who are in your shoes and will support you.

So take advantage of the fantastic resources available at rehab. You'll definitely come out a better person.

Getting sober is no easy task. Treat yourself to an AA gift now to celebrate!