Online AA Meetings: Everything You Need to Know

Online AA Meetings: Everything You Need to Know

Online AA Meetings: Everything You Need to Know

AA meetings are great as they offer you a way to heal within a group. However, online AA meetings offer the same benefits as your home.

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Around one-third of alcoholics recover and stay sober. But a person's chances of recovering significantly increase when they seek help for their addiction.

One of the most common treatment options for staying sober is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This organization has helped millions of people over the years break their addictions. 

Today, you can attend in-person meetings or online AA meetings. You might wonder if online meetings are as effective as in-person meetings, and the answer is yes.

Read on for a guide that will help you learn more about online AA meetings. 

The Basics of AA

AA is an organization created around 1935 to help people struggling with alcoholism. Today, the organization is still around and strong. In fact, most people know about AA, and many alcoholics use this program.

This program is an effective option for people who struggle with alcohol. It offers a welcoming and non-judgmental environment to anyone who attends. Additionally, it helps addicts develop a support system.

Attending AA meetings is always the same, whether you meet in person or online. Every AA group uses the same curriculum and schedule and falls into the group therapy category.

In other words, you meet as a group, and everyone is there for the same purposes. 

How Online AA Meetings Work

In-person meetings take place at various locations, such as churches or libraries. However, online meetings occur through a website.

You begin by choosing an online group. Next, you click the link to the group when the meeting starts, which connects you to the group. You can generally do this from a computer, laptop, or phone. 

When the meeting begins, the leader will start by reading from the big book. The big book is the curriculum that all AA groups use. The leader then works through the meeting's agenda, which covers numerous steps.

During this meeting, the leader might acknowledge members who achieved goals. For example, if someone reaches the one-week sober mark, they'll acknowledge them.

After achieving their goals, people attending AA meetings can earn coins and other items. However, you'll need to order the coins yourself if you meet online, and you can choose from many types.

Benefits of Attending Online Meetings

Seeking help is the best thing you can do if you struggle with alcoholism. Individual counseling is one treatment option that helps addicts get and stay sober.

Attending online AA meetings is also beneficial. First, online meetings offer convenience. You won't have to leave your home and can attend from anywhere, including your car.

However, they also benefit people who need support but don't have a car. 

Finally, they're convenient for people with busy work schedules. After all, you can find meetings at all times of the day, allowing you to choose one that works with your schedule. 

Join an Online Group Today

Online AA meetings offer a convenient way to attend group therapy. You'll feel connected to your group when you attend weekly meetings and have the support you need to live a sober life.

Feel free to check out online AA services. You can choose one that works for your schedule and sign up for it.