Awarding an AA Chip: What to Say at This Special Moment

Awarding an AA Chip: What to Say at This Special Moment

Typical AA meetings feature groups of around 10-20 people. In these meetings, you'll share your successes and vulnerable moments with others that understand what you're going through and feeling. 

But there is one special moment that comes along for many at different types in AA and that's moments when you're receiving an AA coin. If you're the person giving out the coins this is the time to offer the person receiving it some words of encouragement. 

Confused about what to say? No need, below we're going to give you some tips that will help you make this moment one of the best. 

Express How Proud You Are 

It's no secret that the road to recovery is long and challenging for many. But you've got to take time to celebrate the moments when you look back and realize it's all been worth it like handing out sobriety coins

As you hand out the coins let each person receiving one know how proud of them you are. Let them know that you admire the person they've become today and the hard work they've put into their sobriety journey. 

By doing this you acknowledge the changes they've made as they've taken on a new life without the presence of drugs or alcohol in their life. 

Let Them Know They've Got This 

Getting a sobriety coin isn't for the faint of heart and even if someone is receiving one it doesn't mean they aren't struggling at that very moment. Look them in the eyes and let them know they've got this. 

They are stronger than their addictions and can overcome anything as long as they remain focused. You never know how saying these words may change the way a person feels or how it can motivate them to continue taking steps forward instead of steps back. 

You can also tell them, 'You are strong,' renewing the strength they have. 

Offer Your Support 

If you've been sober for weeks or years, there are moments when you will need someone to be there for you. Although you're the one handing out the AA coins the words you offer to each person are essential. 

Another thing you can say during this moment is that you're there for them no matter what. If they ever need someone to turn to talk or just be there, you're that person. 

You'll act as an ally or support for them because as mentioned before no matter what point you're at in your journey you can always use someone on your side. 

Celebrating that Special Moment 

Everyone arrives at that special moment at individual times in their journey of recovery. No matter how many times you have that moment one thing that will always be remembered is what was said as a person receives their next coin. 

We've given you some tips on things you can say, but you also have to remember to get the coins needed to hand out. If you're looking for a company that offers a variety of AA tokens and coins, contact The Token Shop or simply start shopping wholesale.