Alcoholics Anonymous Triangle: What Does It Mean?

Alcoholics Anonymous Triangle: What Does It Mean?

Are you wondering what the alcoholics anonymous triangle symbolizes? This is a common question for those new to alcoholics anonymous. Registered back in 1955, this has become an important symbol for those in Alcoholics Anonymous. The triangle reminds those in AA of the three key answers to the three-part disease of alcoholism.

So, what does the AA alcoholics anonymous triangle mean? Read on for all that you need to know.

The Three Legacies

The triangle represents the three AA legacies; Recovery, Service & Unity. The Alcoholics Anonymous program strives to find balance between these three areas to help alcoholics to remain sober. Recovery, service and unity are the keys to overcoming the three parts of the disease - physical, mental and spiritual.


Recovery involves The Set of 12 Spiritual Principles that people use to recover from alcoholism and addiction. This is the foundation of AA alcoholics anonymous and this is why you will see the word "Recovery" on the bottom of the triangle on Alcoholics Anonymous coins. People say that the physical compulsion and mental obsession will be removed when people complete these 12 steps.


The second legacy is unity. This involves those in alcoholics anonymous joining a group and participating in meetings. In early sobriety, this is particularly important so that newcomers can find support and guidance from those that have gone through recovery and the 12 steps.

Once someone has gone through the 12 steps, they can then help to support newcomers and act as sponsors. Support groups are vital to long-term sobriety and this unity should go beyond AA. People often form important lifelong relationships from Alcoholics Anonymous.


Service is the final legacy. This comes from the spiritual awakening following the completion of the 12 steps. Service then involves carrying this message to other alcoholics and practicing these principles in daily life.

Those in AA can engage in service from day one by setting up chairs, making coffee and helping to clear away after meetings. Once people complete the 12 steps, service can include sponsorship and taking newcomers through the steps. There are also many other ways that those in AA can engage in service. This can include chairing meetings or getting involved with the wider community.

Finding Balance

The three legacies create balance for those in Alcoholics Anonymous and the equilateral triangle is the strongest shape. You will see this triangle on Alcoholics Anonymous coins that are important milestones and these can play a key role in helping those in recovery to stay strong, focused and motivated.

Discover the Importance of the Alcoholics Anonymous Triangle

The Alcoholics Anonymous triangle is an important symbol that can help people to sustain sobriety. Understanding the three legacies is key for anyone in alcoholics anonymous and this post should teach you the basics.

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