7 AA Slogans With Incredibly Profound Meanings

AA has been around for roughly 85 years and some of their slogans and sayings have been around just as long. It's no surprise that some of these AA slogans have a lot of power and meaning behind them.

The meaning behind some sayings are broad and others are pretty specific to what they've always meant. If you're interested in some of the traditional messages behind alcoholics anonymous, keep reading.

AA Slogans and Their Meaning

Even if you've never been to a meeting, you may have heard some of these slogans. Some of them have been around so long and are such a mainstay that they have found their way into pop culture and became sayings even in sober culture.

1. One Day at a Time

It makes sense to start with what may be the most popular and well-known saying in AA. One day at a time isn't too hard to figure out but it may have slightly different meanings for everyone.

Essentially it's all about tackling your sobriety on a daily basis, not worrying about where you'll be tomorrow. It's easier to get through the day than the year or even week.

2. Let Go and Let God

This is a saying that you don't have to take literally. For those that believe in God, this is about allowing the higher power to take care of them. For others, it can be about letting go and understanding that life will always throw something at you.

3. Keep It Simple

It's easy to worry about things and make them too complex in your mind. Some people in recovery swear by meditation, while others like to organize and compartmentalize. Whatever your method, don't make your sobriety or struggle more complex than it needs to be.

4. I Am an Alcoholic

It may not sound like a slogan, but it's said by every AA member at every meeting. It's about being honest to yourself and admitting it. Not hiding your issue helps you stay in front of it.

5. Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Scratching your head at this slogan? To use a previous slogan, keeping it simple is the best way to understand this saying. It's easy to wish that things would change for the better, but unless you do the work and change things, then you'll always be wishing.

6. Progress Not Perfection

Sobriety and recovery is a journey that you will always be on. Nobody is magically cured, but that doesn't mean you aren't making progress. Focus on the positive steps you are taking and don't stress over the perfect outcome.

7. Easy Does It

Recovery is hard and there will be times where you have to really struggle at it, but if you let yourself get too worked up then you might be setting yourself up for failure. Understand that it's a long road and be easy on yourself. You need to be your biggest supporter.

It Works If You Work It

AA meetings are full of tradition and AA slogans that you can take with you throughout your life. The beauty of the program is that it doesn't just help you with your recovery, it can also help improve other aspects of your life. Check out more recovery sayings and literature here