5 Ways to Store Your Beloved AA Coins

5 Ways to Store Your Beloved AA Coins

Reaching a milestone in a substance abuse recovery is worth celebrating. That's why 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous often give out AA coins at many of their 123,000 groups worldwide.

Gaining AA tokens is a meaningful reminder of the dedication you have shown to your recovery.

That's why having somewhere to keep your AA medallions safe is so important to many. In this guide, we've outlined five ideas for how you can store your hard-earned chips.

1. Frame Your Chips

It's good to be proud of your progress. Framing your AA coins so that you can see them often and be reminded of your success in recovery is one great way to store them.

You can buy frames online that will hold any AA coin or token.

Framing your tokens and putting them somewhere visible means the opposite of "out of sight, out of mind." You don't need to have gained all twelve steps before framing your AA medallions. Having the ones you've earned on the wall will motivate you to work towards the next milestone!

2. Safe Keeping Box

If you'd rather not have your tokens up on the wall but want to keep them somewhere special, you can store them in a safe-keeping box. This might be a small lockable chest or a special wooden display box that you keep tucked away. 

Having your chips in a safe-keeping box means you know they are safe and can look at them whenever you need to without them being hung up for all to see. It is the perfect way to celebrate your progress privately.

3. Jar or Trinket Box

There's no need to worry if you can't afford a special safe box for your AA coins. You can still find something to keep them in, and being economical will never cheapen the meaning of your tokens.

A washed-out jam jar or a thrift-shop trinket box is ideal for storing your tokens together on a small budget. Then, just like with a safe-keeping box, you can keep them safe and look at them whenever necessary.

4. Custom Holder

There are all sorts of ways you can store your tokens: in a stack, standing on their sides in a gift box, or flat against a frame.

Many online stores sell custom holders that will allow you to store your tokens as you envision. Shop around to find your favorite!

5. Keep Them With You

Looking at the newest chip as a reminder of progress in recovering from alcohol addiction is, for many, a great source of strength. If having the reminder close and seeing your chips as good luck charms helps you, then carry your chips.

You can keep them in a purse or wallet or adapt them into keyrings or wearables. That way, you know they are there if you need them.

AA Coins Are Worth Treasuring

However you choose to store your AA coins, remember that it is what they represent that really matters. Whether you want to display them or keep them to yourself, there are many ways to store them—just pick the one best for you.

If you need to replace lost chips, contact us today. We can supply you with AA tokens that mark your success. Recovery is a personal journey, so be sure to celebrate those milestones!