5 Reasons to Attend an AA Meeting

5 Reasons to Attend an AA Meeting

Many people utilize and rely on attending an AA meeting for their struggles with alcohol addiction. There are around 2.1 million members in AA today that credit these meetings as their reason for sobriety. 

Continue to read on why attending an AA meeting will help you start on the road to recovery. The sooner you start, the closer you'll be to receiving special AA chips celebrating your sobriety and commitment to yourself.  

1. Support

We can be so conditioned to go it alone for many things in life. Recovering from alcohol addiction is one of those things you should not do alone.

Going to an AA meeting will expose you to a community of support to help you navigate through the cravings, social events, and relapse. What’s more, you can have a dedicated sponsor throughout your recovery. 

A sponsor is someone who has experience in the 12-step program and in recovery but is a recovering alcoholic as well. This is valuable support when you’re recovering as they have gone through those initial steps. You’ll never need to feel alone after attending an AA meeting.  

2. Improve Recovery Chances

Attending AA meetings and starting the 12-step program increases the chances for recovery tremendously. 73 percent of those who regularly attended AA meetings were sober a year after starting the program. This is significantly greater than the twenty-seven percent who stayed sober but did it alone. Attending AA meetings greatly improves recovery chances for many years to come.

3. Help with Relapse

Alcohol withdrawal is very real, and the symptoms can be scary. It’s a big part of why people relapse. Having a support system is crucial to overcoming this. Through AA meetings, you can have this support.

You’ll have access to not only an AA mentor but a whole community you can rely on. These support pillars will help you to not only avoid relapse but also how to process relapse if it happens.

Since the possibility of relapse is constant, be sure to celebrate sober anniversaries with AA chips. Every sober milestone is a reason worth celebrating and remembering.

4. No Judgement

In these spaces, everyone either is struggling with very similar feelings and cravings. Because of this, it's a safer place than most to openly discuss what you're going through in a judgment-free zone. 

Today, there's even the option of attending an AA meeting virtually via Zoom and other online platforms. If you're more comfortable virtually or in person, there's an AA meeting option for you. 

5. Free

Much of the assistance we need, like therapy or rehab, is viewed as luxury items due to their cost. AA meetings and programs are free to attend and start. There is no cost barrier to getting help with AA meetings. 

You can use the money you saved on AA tokens. These are great to celebrate important sobriety chapters in your life. 

Attend an AA Meeting

Participating in an AA meeting will offer you many benefits and much-needed assistance on this road to recovery. Be sure to check out the AA coins we offer as an added incentive to start this journey.