What Is Step 2 Alcoholics Anonymous? A Closer Look

What Is Step 2 Alcoholics Anonymous? A Closer Look

You may have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but what you may not know is that there are multiple steps to the program.

Each step has its own set of rules and protocols to follow.

Step 2 Alcoholics Anonymous is crucial to participant recovery. Read more about AA Step 2 here.

What Is It?

The second step of the AA program is to accept that the power to remove alcoholism is via an external source. This external source is considered a higher power, which typically means God.

The AA program does not require participants to believe in any religion or god-like entity. Instead, the AA program asks participants to designate an external source that has the power to help. This external source can be an entity from any religion or simply energy.

Many AA programs will also supply Alcoholics Anonymous chips or Alcoholics Anonymous coins to participants to help them get through their situation. These coins and chips will feature the Alcoholics Anonymous triangle and circle of sobriety symbol.

What is the Purpose?

The second step plants the seed of hope into participants in the AA program. Participants must feel safe, protected, and guided by something greater than themselves. This higher power is the key to overcoming their addiction.

The higher power can go further and help participants regain control of their:

  • Lives
  • Overall health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Everything else

Higher power can help participants through this rough spot in life.

What Are the Steps?

There are many steps to take while in Step 2 of AA, but no particular order. The more important aspect is to have the named higher power permeate the participants' lives from top to bottom. The participant needs to feel safe and comfortable with the higher power to progress further.

Here are the steps to take in step 2 of the AA program:

  • Acknowledge that they cannot overcome addiction alone
  • Focus on getting help from a higher power
  • Make a list of past spiritual experiences to supplement the current situation
  • Develop a new habit of expressing daily gratitude

Participants should feel comfortable seeking help from a higher power to help overcome the problem.

What Questions to Ask?

Asking questions can help participants get through the situation faster with less turbulence. People can ask any number of questions, but here are some examples:

  • How has a higher power helped you in your past?
  • How would you describe your higher power?
  • What problems could you ask your higher power to solve?

Hosts can ask questions to help guide participants through the AA program. Answering questions can help participants gain more control over their situation and recover even faster.

Step 2 Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol is legal in most areas of the world and consumed for pleasure in many situations. However, too much alcohol for long periods can cause considerable damage to the body and result in addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that can help participants overcome their addiction to alcohol.

Step 2 Alcoholics Anonymous involves believing in a higher power that combats addiction. It is the second step in a series of steps in the AA program.

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