What Are the Best Sober Activities?

What Are the Best Sober Activities?

What Are the Best Sober Activities?

There are many ways you can still have fun without consuming alcohol. Check out this guide for some of our favorite sober activities.

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75% of people who experience addiction recover, and this is fantastic news. You can have a full and fulfilling life while you're sober, but for someone who's new to sobriety, it can be frustrating to find things to do. There are so many sober activities, but so much of adult life seems to revolve around alcohol.

We're here to talk about some of our favorite activities for sober adults. Read on to learn more.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are fantastic for finding happiness, socializing, and feeling great while you're on your sobriety journey. You can do yoga at home alone, but it's even more fun with friends or strangers in a real yoga classroom. You can also try outdoor yoga classes if they're available in your area. 

Yoga is great for your body and your mind. Physically, it can help you improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Mentally, it will teach you mindfulness and how to live "in the moment," which is crucial for someone trying to stay sober.

You may find that yoga turns into a necessary part of your daily routine. 


If you prefer your fitness to be a bit higher-intensity, consider joining a local sports league. Community sports leagues are fun, and while there is an element of competition, the point of the game is to have fun and stay active. 

Try a variety of sports and see what you enjoy. You can try tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, and pretty much any sport that you see on television. If you'd prefer solo activities in a group setting, consider aerial arts, rock climbing, or dance.

When you're having fun and staying active, drugs and alcohol won't even cross your mind. 

Taking Classes

One of the best things to do sober is to learn something new. Taking classes is also one of the best ways to socialize. There are never downsides to learning new things.

You can go back to school if you have the time and the means, but if not, take individual classes at your local community college, community center, or anywhere else they're available. Sure, there are academic classes, but there are also art classes, cooking classes, gardening classes, and so much more.

Go make some friends and pick up a new skill! 


This is a great chance to give back to your community while socializing. Look for local volunteering opportunities. There are plenty of ways you can help your community.

You can choose opportunities that suit your interests. If you're not much of a people person, volunteer with local animal shelters or go clean up local parks and natural areas. If you want to directly help others, consider volunteering at a food bank or shelter. 

Museum Trips

Are you an art lover? Take a trip (either alone or with friends) to a local museum or art gallery. 

Walking around a museum and looking at artwork is peaceful and inspiring. The quiet and soothing atmosphere of museums and galleries is fantastic for anyone who needs a bit of peace and solitude. 

What Are Your Favorite Sober Activities? 

So what sober activities do you enjoy? Volunteering, going to museums, taking classes, playing sports, and doing yoga are our favorites, but there are near-infinite things you can do without drugs or alcohol. 

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