Top 4 Great Ideas for Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts

Top 4 Great Ideas for Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts

Do you want to buy a gift for somebody recovering from alcoholism?

Give them something that shows you recognize their achievements. Only 75% of people who seek recovery from substances succeed.

Success takes about five tries on average for these dedicated humans. They will love a gift that honors their efforts. 

Keep reading to hear about four awesome alcoholics anonymous gifts!

1. Christmas Ornament

Buy your friend an Alcoholics Anonymous Christmas ornament to brighten up their tree. This little token goes a long way when you consider the meaning behind it.

Understanding why we put up a tree will only add more value to this gift. Long ago, people used to bring evergreen branches, and then later full trees, into their homes to signify immortality and eternal life.

Recovery offers a sense of eternity. Will they live forever? 

No. But, they will suddenly experience a life full of eternal opportunities that alcohol once blocked out. Freedom from addiction can make one feel immortal.

A golden "serenity" tree ornament will glitter against the branches to pronounce the idea of living forever untroubled due to sobriety. "Live and let live" on a glass ornament provides clarity on the everlasting importance of all life. Choose what speaks to you most deeply.

2. Literature

While you can count the days since sipping that last drink, you cannot solidify a done drinking date. Sobriety takes continuous effort.

For this reason, an AA self-help book makes for a thoughtful and useful gift. Some AA books explain the steps to keep them fresh in the reader's mind. Others offer ways to apply these steps in real life. 

Knowledge is power. Plus, reading keeps the mind on recovery.

3. Alcoholics Anonymous Chips

Acknowledging milestones encourages future progress. Giving an AA chip to somebody you care about reminds them how far they traveled and it says, "I see your hard work".

Make it extra special by custom making a specialized mount with dated coin slots where they can add each milestone coin for past, present, and future achievements.

Embossed plastic chips offer a colorful story. Metal anniversary coins carry the same sentiment but appear regal enough to display in an office.

4. AA Jewelry

Show this person that they are close to you by giving them something that keeps you close to them. Jewelry with the Alcoholics Anonymous symbol can serve as a daily reminder that you truly care.

The leather bracelets look amazing on both men and women. The AA triangle enclosed in a circle looks super trendy and represents unity, service, and recovery.

For somebody a little closer to your heart, give an AA necklace that shows them where they stand. An Alcoholics Anonymous ring as a gift says that you will stand by them through this lifetime of recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts Reveal Loyalty

Whether you give Alcoholics Anonymous gifts to a friend or a loved one, they reveal a sense of loyalty. These tokens tell the person that you see their struggle and value their perseverance.

Give a gift full of meaning. Shop all of your options on our website!