The Top 3 Best Sobriety Blogs for Recovering Alcoholics in 2020

An estimated 22 million Americans are in recovery from addiction, but that doesn't stop a lot from them from feeling alone.

In recent times, when social distancing is the new normal, it can be difficult to remind ourselves that the struggles we're going through are not unique. Someone, somewhere, knows how you feel.

For those who have suffered from alcohol addiction and may need support, sobriety blogs can be a great way to go.

Blogs can include tips on how to deal with recovery, how to resist falling back into a bad place, and can also provide firsthand accounts of like-minded individuals.

Sometimes, just being reminded we aren't alone is a huge help. These are the best sober blogs of 2020.

1. Soberocity, One of the Most Well-Known Sobriety Blogs 

Soberocity presents themselves as something like a social networking site. Although they are first and foremost a blog, they pride themselves on having created a supportive community.

The people who frequent the site come from all over the world and have many different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: addiction in their past. Sometimes in their present.

They host meet-ups and even online live streams for those who can't connect in real life. Online meetings are always useful for those who can't travel and aren't conveniently located, but especially so in these trying times. 

They also have an awesome list of resources for recovering alcoholics.

2. The Fix, Great for the Facts

The Fix is another blog with a great community. Like Soberocity, it has firsthand accounts on its blog of those who've struggled with addiction, creating a sense of connection.

But other than focusing on its community, The Fix keeps up to date with laws and policies surrounding addiction and has a more fact-based side to it. It's a great blog not only for support, but also for the science and politics surrounding addiction.

It also has a very informative collection of rehab reviews to help you make an informed choice if that's a route you're considering. Not many sober blogs offer this. 

3. This Naked Mind, Answering Reader Questions

This Naked Mind is a blog run by Annie Grace. Literature is another great tool for education and peace, and Grace wrote a novel which accompanies her blog in a huge way. 

Its focus is not just on how to stay sober, like many blogs for recovery, but on how to be happy while doing so. 

This blog understands that it's not just about avoiding relapse, but truly enjoying a sober life.

It takes a unique approach to addiction by most blog posts answering reader questions, which ensures it's content that people are interested in.

Sobriety Blogs Are a Great Asset to the Recovery Community

Sobriety blogs are an invaluable resource to those who might be struggling with addiction or have struggled in the past.

They provide comfort, real people to relate to, and reassurance — but not only that, but they also answer questions and collect resources, ensuring people can get the help they need.

For more sobriety tips and resources, check out the rest of our blog!