The Different AA Coins Explained

The Different AA Coins Explained

The Different AA Coins Explained

AA coins help motivate you towards recovering sustainably over the long term. Here's a quick look at the different AA coins you can get along the way.

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Nearly 141,000 people in the U.S. die yearly from alcohol consumption. Alcoholism leads to cancer, liver problems, and many other health issues. 

So if you struggle with alcohol addiction, you might want to find a way to break it. Breaking an alcohol addiction is challenging but possible. 

Many addicts join alcoholics anonymous (AA) for help. Attending AA is a great option, as it offers encouragement and support. You can also receive AA coins as encouragement for reaching sobriety milestones.

What are the different types of AA coins you can get? Here is a list of some of them.

24-Hour AA Coins

One of the first milestones you'll achieve is sobriety for 24 hours. Some people might think a day isn't a huge achievement. But it is an important milestone.

Staying sober for 24 hours is necessary for breaking an alcohol addiction. It's the start of what could be a long-term success. So it's worth celebrating.

If you attend AA meetings, they'll give you a 24-hour AA coin. This coin might be an incentive to keep going. After all, it could be the first of many tokens you receive during your recovery.

You'll meet other recovering addicts when attending AA. They'll understand your struggles and feelings.

But they'll also be there to celebrate your successes with you. They'll even cheer for you when you receive your first coin. 

Monthly and Yearly Coins

The next coin a recovering addict receives is usually the one-month coin. Reaching one month of sobriety is a massive achievement. 

Around 80% of people who give up alcohol for a month state they have more control over drinking afterward. So if you can make it one month alcohol-free, you'll improve your odds of long-term sobriety. 

In fact, every month you add to your sobriety improves your odds of success. As a result, you can receive a coin every month until you reach one year. 

You can get the one-year sobriety token when you reach the one-year mark. Then, you can receive a coin every year after that. 

Various Coin Materials

AA coins come in several types. The type you receive from AA meetings might be plastic coins. Plastic coins are the most affordable. So organizations generally hand these out due to the costs. 

But you can buy your own coins to recognize your achievements. For example, you can purchase aluminum coins to celebrate your yearly successes.  Another option is bronze coins. 

You can also choose from various colors and styles. For example, some yearly tokens contain an excerpt from the famous Serenity Prayer. This prayer is commonly used during AA programs. 

Buy AA Coins to Celebrate Your Success

Celebrating the milestones of your recovery journey is encouraging. You can do this by purchasing quality AA coins each time you reach a milestone. 

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