Stay Motivated: 5 Inspiring Sober Gifts That Encourage Recovery

Stay Motivated: 5 Inspiring Sober Gifts That Encourage Recovery

Stay Motivated: 5 Inspiring Sober Gifts That Encourage Recovery

Are you celebrating your new sober life? Getting sober is an important milestone. Discover five encouraging and inspiring sober gifts!

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Finding a gift for someone sober can be difficult when you've gotten in the habit of gifting wine or liquor. Or, maybe you're in recovery yourself and want to find a gift for another recovering person. Thankfully, sober gifts don't have to be tasteless or thoughtless.

In fact, it gives you a chance to think outside the box and personalize a gift in a way that can mean a lot to the people you're celebrating.

Whether you're looking for one year sober gifts or sober birthday gift ideas, we have an idea for you. Take a look at these five good options to help a sober person in your life.

1. Recovery Jewelry

Jewelry can make thoughtful and practical gifts for sober friends or family. Some people like to have small reminders of their progress or positive affirmations to get them through the day. Jewelry, like a bracelet or a ring, is a great way to do this.

Many AA jewelry gifts have special sayings to remind people to persevere in their efforts or stay strong in a trying time. These are sentiments anyone can benefit from seeing on their jewelry daily!

2. Books

Books, whether they're about recovering, the process, or simply a good read, can also be a convenient and thoughtful gift for the sober person in your life.

Not only will it keep them busy, but books for recovering alcoholics can also keep them from reliving triggering events or actions that are found in modern-day literature. 

3. Keepsake Coins

If you're not gifting for a holiday or birthday, sober recovery gifts can be nice gestures for big milestones. 

Keepsake coins are a great 1-year sober gift because not only do they represent how proud you are of them, but it gives them a physical memento to hold onto and remind them of their success so far.

4. Coffee and Mug

Sober or not, many of us rely on coffee to kick start our days. 

Anyone can gift a bottle of wine or liquor, but giving a sober friend, coworker, or family member a nice bag of coffee and a handpicked mug is a personal sentiment that shows you can still purchase a nice gift without getting something useless.

5. Journal

Many people going through recovery need an outlet to get their thoughts out. Journals can be a cathartic way to release emotions and come to terms with their situation.

Healthy mindfulness habits are good for everyone to get into. Journals can help you become more mindful of your emotions and thoughts. 

Sober Gifts for Any Person in Your Life

Whether your mom, brother, friend, or partner struggles with addiction, you can be a supportive influence in their life. Being supportive of people in recovery isn't always difficult and can start with simple and meaningful gestures like choosing the perfect sober gifts.

Recovery from addiction can be a trying time. If you or someone you love is struggling, reach out to someone who can help. 

Show your support through a sober gift and check out some of the other gift options we have to offer as well.