Rainbow Crystal Bracelet - AA
Rainbow Crystal Bracelet with AA Charm

Rainbow Crystal Bracelet - AA

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Our Rainbow Crystal AA bracelet serves to brighten your mood and lift your spirits throughout your journey to recovery!
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Rainbow Crystal Bracelet

This Rainbow Crystal AA Bracelet adds a pop of color to your day, brightening your mood and lifting your spirits each time you look at it. The road to recovery can feel a little dark sometimes, but this bracelet will serve as a pleasant reminder of the time you’ve spend with AA.

The bracelet features a number of brightly colored, spherical beads in alternating order. You can see everything from black to lilac, emerald green, golden yellow and much more. Each bead is separated by a small ring of silver smaller beads. The bracelet is finished off with a silver catch that tightly and securely fastens it in place, with several chain links to ensure that you can easily adjust the bracelet to size.

At the end of the catch dangles a small and delicate, silver-toned AA charm to give you a subtle reminder of the to be confident in yourself. This takes the AA symbol's classic design and incorporates it into the cheerful piece, combining your creativity with your dedication to your journey. Each bracelet is unique and handmade.

  • Bright and colorful with round beads
  • Adjustable fastening for easy fitting
  • Silver connecting beads
  • AA Logo Charm

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