How Do You Congratulate Someone on Their Sobriety?

How Do You Congratulate Someone on Their Sobriety?

Whether you know a recovering addict who recently got sober or you're excited to celebrate someone's 10th year of sobriety, knowing the right way to support them is crucial. Addiction recovery is hard and if you don't approach the subject with the proper care, you risk doing more harm than good. 

If you're not sure how to properly congratulate someone for getting sober, keep reading. We're taking the guesswork out of showing your support. 

Show Your Pride and Support 

An addict's recovery anniversary is an important day. Don't be afraid to celebrate it like you would a birthday or anniversary. Consider getting them a small gift or write them a thoughtful card to show your pride. 

A simple "I'm proud of you" goes a long way. Addiction is a disease that is steeped in shame and when you proudly show up to celebrate important milestones, you're helping to wash that shame away. 

Additionally, make sure that the person in recovery knows that they should be proud of themselves, too. It's easy for recovering addicts to beat themselves up. Let them know that it's okay to put down the weight of their guilt, and pick up their pride in recovery instead. 

Offer Help (Only If You're Able) 

Especially in the early days of recovery, your loved one is going to need a ton of support. If you're at a stable place in your life, make sure that they know that they can call you in their times of need. Sometimes the best gift someone can get for getting sober is just a helping hand. 

This is true for folks who are celebrating their larger sobriety milestones as well. While over time it does get easier to maintain sobriety, knowing that they have someone who is willing to help them could mean the difference between staying sober and a relapse

Things to Avoid 

You'll want to avoid a couple of things when congratulating a recovering addict. You can bet that your loved one has already spent a lot of time reminding themselves of the things they did while in active addiction. You don't have to remind them, even if you think enough time has passed that it's "funny" now. 

As long as you follow your loved one's lead, you can feel comfortable celebrating with them however they want. Every addict is different and no two people have the same comfort level when it comes to their previous addiction. 

Show Support to a Recovering Addict 

There are a ton of ways you can celebrate a recovering addict and their sobriety milestones. Whether you want to pick up a nice gift or just want to show them that you're by their side, remember that sobriety is absolutely worthy of celebration. Don't be afraid to show up and tell your loved one how happy you are that they're recovering! 

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