How AA Coins Can Help Recovery Celebrations

How AA Coins Can Help Recovery Celebrations

How AA Coins Can Help Recovery Celebrations

AA coins are a great way to celebrate you journey in overcoming addiction. Learn how to find the best options here in this outline.

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AA is one of the most effective methods for getting sober.

If you're struggling with addiction, being able to talk to people who understand your battle is so important. AA gives you the infrastructure to lead a sober, joyous life with goals and landmarks along the way. 

AA recovery celebrations are the culmination of all of the hard work and dedication you've put into getting sober, whether it's for a week or a year. Part of the celebration involves AA coins, which act as tokens of sobriety.

In this post, we're going to tell you how AA coins can help you celebrate your journey and how to get them for your next AA celebration. Keep reading and learn all about them.

What Are AA Coins?

AA sobriety coins are deeply associated with AA, but the organization itself doesn't recognize them as part of the process. Be that as it may, members have long used AA coins, sobriety chips, and medallions to signify checkpoints along the journey of recovery.

Each coin is marked with the AA logo and slogan across the top. Inside the pyramid on the coin is the sobriety length. As a person goes through their sobriety, they'll get a new AA coin for each checkpoint.

How the AA Coin System Works

The coin system starts as soon as you enter AA when you receive a 24-hour AA coin. After a day, you'll get a new chip for each month of sobriety that you complete. Once you've been sober for a year, you'll get annual AA chips in lieu of monthly ones.

Most AA members will keep their AA sobriety coins in a safe place to remind them of the journey they've been on. If you're running an AA chapter, you can find AA coins for sale at the Token Shop.

Breathe New Life Into an AA Celebration

When someone receives an AA coin, regardless of whether it's a 24-hour coin or a 1-year coin, there's reason to celebrate. Holding a recovery celebration for someone can reaffirm their decision to battle their addiction, but giving them an AA coin at the same time can elevate it even more.

Your event could even be centered around the presentation of new AA coins to a few different people. If you're leading an AA fellowship, you should have monthly celebrations for those that are progressing through their journey of sobriety. 

The more you celebrate sobriety with AA coins, the more magnetic sobriety can become. AA coins are just small tokens, but what they signify is so crucial to the recovery process that they should always be celebrated.

Get the Best AA Coins

If you need to find some AA coins for your next recovery celebration, we can help you. Token Shop is an online store that specializes in AA coins, tokens, jewelry, and gifts. 

Whether you've got a loved one going through a recovery journey, you're in AA yourself, or you lead an AA fellowship, visit our site to peruse many different coin styles and types.