Can You Enhance Your Sobriety With Technology?

Can You Enhance Your Sobriety With Technology?

Did you know that ten percent of adult drinkers in the U.S. are alcoholics? 

It may not seem like many, but even heavy drinkers put themselves at risk. Like alcoholics, they're prone to heart disease, liver disease, and breast cancer.

Worst-case scenario, drinking too much alcohol could kill you.

Whether you're a heavy drinker or an alcoholic, there are many ways technology can help you enhance your sobriety.

Today, we're going to set you on the path to addiction recovery.

Sober Apps

Sober up at the touch of a button.

Or several, actually, depending on which app serves you best. Sober Grid, for example, is a free app that offers 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.

Your support system is centered around the place you live. This means you'll have the chance to meet up with other locals and discuss sobriety.

There's also Reset. This app helps you enhance your recovery process by following a twelve-step lesson plan. Only those with a prescription from their healthcare practitioner can use Reset, however. 

These are only a couple of sober apps for you to choose from. Check out other apps like Nomo and the AA Big Book to help you on your recovery journey.

Meditation Apps

Meditation is an underrated way to enhance your sobriety. 

There are a variety of apps that can help direct your meditation routine. In fact, the top ten meditation apps of 2019 earned nearly $200 million.

That is to say, you're not alone in needing guidance for meditation. A few popular ones are Calm, Insight Timer, and Buddify.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This computer system, designed by Lisa A. Marsch, generates scenarios for you to watch. These videos will test your ability to recall details about the scenarios. 

For example, users might pick up on how someone's body language differs from what they're saying as they refuse drugs.

Virtual Reality

You may be surprised to know that virtual reality may be a great way to overcome alcoholism.

You can accomplish this by putting yourself in a safe, low-stakes atmosphere. Like cognitive behavioral therapy, you become aware of your surroundings and figure out what triggers your cravings.

It is in this safe atmosphere that you learn to refuse alcohol.


It's easy to think that addiction is a battle of the mind.

In fact, the connection between mind and body is one that is often ignored when it comes to addiction.

When we're stressed or anxious, our heart rates increase. With HeartMath, you'll start to understand the relationship between anxiety and alcohol. 

Enhance Your Sobriety With Technology Today

Taking the first step toward recovery is never easy.

From sober apps to virtual reality, there is no shortage of ways you can enhance your sobriety. These technological tools will enable you to encounter people who are struggling in the same ways as you are.

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