Brown Leather Infinite Hope AA Bracelet
Brown Leather Infinite Hope AA Bracelet

Brown Leather Infinite Hope AA Bracelet

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Our Brown Leather Infinite Hope bracelet features a delicate charm featuring the word "hope" incorporated into an infinity symbol.
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Infinite Hope Recovery Bracelet

Brown Leather

Hope can be a powerful tool when you are trying to overcome something like addiction, and we know how hard the journey to sobriety can be without the right support. AA and your support groups are always there to help you, but you can take this a step further by giving yourself subtle reminders to keep on hoping. This Brown Leather Infinite Hope AA Bracelet is the perfect option for this.

The centerpiece of this piece of jewelry is the gold-toned, cursive lettered word "hope", carefully and intricately incorporated into a smooth infinity symbol. This symbolizes the strength of hope, showing that this resource is unlimited, and you need only believe in yourself to find yourself riding a wave of hope. 

The gold-toned infinite hope charm is supported by the bulk of the bracelet itself - a number of woven, brown leather cord that all tie together to create one bracelet. These combined cords have a leather cord tie at each end, which makes the bracelet fully adjustable. This makes it easy to wear this bracelet no matter the size of your wrists.

  • Designed to provide hope when you need it the most
  • Made using metal and leather
  • Adjustable wrist strap for easy fitting
  • Suitable for formal and informal outfits

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