Metal Engraved Recovery Bracelets
8mm Bracelets Copper or Silver Color Finish

Metal Engraved Recovery Bracelets

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Stylish Metal Engraved Cuffed Recovery Bracelets with One Day At A Time slogan in two sizes (4mm and 8mm) and two finishes (copper and silver tone)
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Metal Engraved Recovery Bracelet

Know a friend who is really embracing recovery?  This is the perfect gift!  A fashionable reminder that we live our lives One Day At A Time.  

Available in 2 widths:  8mm (5/16 inch) and 4mm (1/8 inch).  

Available in 2 Finishes:  Copper (Rose Gold) or Silver (925 Silver).

Both 8mm and 4mm have smooth non decorated edges.

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