Happy Birthday! Sober Celebration Ideas for AA Birthdays

Happy Birthday! Sober Celebration Ideas for AA Birthdays

Your AA birthday is an important milestone. You deserve to celebrate! Plan your celebration with these creative ideas for AA birthdays.

14.1 million adults have alcohol use disorder. If you are one of them or know one of them, there are things you can do to support their sobriety at birthdays and other celebrations.

For many in recovery from addiction, both birthdays and AA birthdays are milestones.

AA birthdays are the anniversary of the first day of sobriety. Read on to learn about some ways you can celebrate AA and Sober Birthdays. 

Party Ideas for Sober, AA Birthdays

One of the most common ways to celebrate an AA Birthday is through the giving and receiving of a sobriety coin. Many times this can be done as part of a traditional AA or NA meeting.

If you are not regularly going to meetings, grab a group of supportive friends and celebrate a low key expression of your milestone. 

If you are in a sober living house, celebrate by planning a special dinner at home or at a new, local, restaurant. This doesn't have to be a large or stressful event, it should be a simple celebration of the strides you have made. 

If you prefer to celebrate, alone, treat yourself. Have you been saving up for a new dress or electronic device? Treat yourself to a small shopping spree. Make sure not to go overboard. 

Consider volunteering on your year anniversary. You can celebrate by helping others on their road to sobriety, or donate your time at the local humane society. 

Try something new. You are creating a new life, one without the influence of drugs or alcohol, this gives you a lot more time on your hands. Consider taking this yearly anniversary to try a new activity. Try taking a cooking class, or an experience scuba dive session. 

Help a Sober Friends Celebrate 

If you have a friend or a family member that celebrating their year of being sober there are ways you can help.

Consider treating them to dinner, or purchase a bouquet of flowers. A heartfelt note is something they will cherish long after the day has passed.

You can also offer to help, so they can celebrate. Offer to babysit or take care of another house project, so they have time to practice some self-care.

Support recovery organizations, make a donation to the organization that has helped your friend or loved one, in their name. This is an ongoing reminder of your support through their process.

You are only limited by your imagination. Be creative, and if you can't think of anything, ask. Your friend will appreciate your desire to support them and may have a unique way they want to celebration this important milestone.

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