Black Leather Adjustable AA Bracelet
Black Leather Adjustable Bracelet with AA Symbol

Black Leather Adjustable AA Bracelet

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Minimalist AA charm mounted on intricately braided black leather. The perfect bracelet for day to day wear - whether professional or casual.
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Black Leather Adjustable AA Bracelet

The path to recovery can be difficult at times. Many people rely on AA to overcome the challenges in their life, finding support on their path to recovery. This Black Leather Adjustable AA Bracelet provides you with a reminder of the journey you’ve taken, giving you hope and renewed confidence in yourself.

The bracelet itself features a silver-toned AA charm that is subtle and non-obtrusive, making it easy to confidently wear this piece no matter the setting. The small charm is held in place by beautifully braided leather straps that are tanned in black color. This combination of leather and metal creates a contrast that will make this bracelet stand out for the right reasons.

The braiding of the leather adds a touch of intrigue and craftsmanship to the otherwise minimalist piece. Its subtle but sophisticated style makes it the perfect accessory for any ensemble - whether you're dressing for a professional or casual occasion. At the same time, though, you will have a good reminder of the support and help that’s gotten you to where you are despite the challenges you’ve had to overcome.

  • Made with leather and silver-plated metal
  • Beautiful AA logo design
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Suitable for both formal and informal outfits

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