Adjustable Cord Recovery Bracelets
Black and Brown Adjustable Cord Stainless Steel One Day At A Time Bracelets

Adjustable Cord Recovery Bracelets

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One Day At a Time braided cord recovery bracelet. Features adjustable cord in a choice of two colors (black and brown) for a perfect fit.
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Adjustable Cord Stainless Steel Recovery Bracelet

Recovery is a gradual journey, but you will get there through your own strength, patience, endurance and perseverance. This One Day At a Time bracelet serves as a reminder of the perfect mantra that will guide you along your path and towards your goals.

This bracelet features leather style cord braiding, neatly tied either side of a silver-plated plaque reading "One Day At A Time". This is a strong message that can serve as support during difficult and easier times alike. The font is professionally engraved in a classic, cursive font. This adds a touch of sophistication to the piece.

If you're worried about wrist size and finding the perfect fit, you needn't. The cord that features on this bracelet is adjustable. The ability to tie it tighter or looser means that it will fit the vast majority of people's wrists.

The braided cord is available in two different colors to meet all individuals' preferences - brown or black. Thanks to the relatively minimalistic style of the bracelet, these two neutral colors work really well and the entire number will work well with any personal style or aesthetic.

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