AA Coin Display Ideas for Your Recovery Tokens

AA Coin Display Ideas for Your Recovery Tokens

Be proud of the work you've accomplished. Celebrate your recovery by displaying your hard-earned recovery tokens! Start with these AA coin display ideas.

Your AA coins are more than just a token to help you keep track of your sobriety journey. They are a symbolic representation of everything you've worked for and how far you've come. 

If you want to show off your coins, or if you just want to be reminded by your sobriety daily for your own needs, keep reading, for these great AA coin display ideas. There is truly something for everyone with this guide, and they can also be great gifts for the strong, sober person in your life! 

Gifts for the Faithful 

If you or someone you know got through their addiction with the help of their faith in God, we have some awesome gift options for you. Our book covers can be a great way to protect your sacred text, complete with prayers printed on the front.

They also feature a place to insert one of your AA coins, making them a perfect display that will stay in a safe spot. This is a great gift for someone who turns to the Bible for assistance in their journey of sobriety.

Complete this gift with one of our beautifully elegant AA themed bookmarks or one of our recovery journals. These also feature a Bible verse and are a great way to track daily progressions, frustrations, and reflections. 

If your not religious, we have other options as well, such as our leather book cover with an engraved quote "One day at a time". 

Great Storage Options 

For someone who wants a more private storage option, consider a token storage box. This is a great way to keep your tokens organized in a safe space. We have large boxes that can store many coins, as well as individual coin holders. Both can also work as great displays when left open.

Pair one of these storage options with our airtight coin capsules with a foam ring for maximum protection and security. 

Everyday Reminders 

For a gift that offers an everyday reminder of sobriety for some subtle daily support, consider one of our keychains.

We have multiple options that will hold your coins, as well as some with great, supportive quotes such as "Recovery Rocks" and "Keep Calm and Call Your Sponsor". This is a great daily reminder that you will think about every time you grab your keys. 

For a great display for your home or office, consider our floating frame coin display option, a beautiful way to display your sobriety. If you are looking for coins to fill these great display ideas, we have many options, from an anniversary coin to affirmation pieces and more. 

Show off Your Sobriety with These Great AA Coin Display Options

Whether you want to show off your sobriety or are looking for the perfect gift for the sober person in your life, we have plenty of perfect AA coin display options available on our site. 

Head to our site to make a purchase on any of these options, as well as many others, such as useful AA Literature and Sober Joe coffee!