5 Ways You Can Support Your Sober Friends This Holiday Season

5 Ways You Can Support Your Sober Friends This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of cheer and family. They are also a time of stress, anxiety, and loneliness. During a normal holiday season, relapse rates for those in addiction recovery spike 150%.

This year, with a raging Covid-19 pandemic and increased isolation, will be even more harrowing for you and your sober buddy. You're going to need extra help with how to be a good sobriety partner and avoid temptation.

Here are five strategies to help you and your sober friend through the holidays.

1. Make Plans

The Covid-19 pandemic restricts a lot of the activities we enjoy together. Maybe you met your sobriety partner in a coffee shop or diner once or twice a week. Depending on where you live, indoor dining might not be possible.

You have to make a new plan. Maybe you meet for coffee in the park or another outdoor venue. If that's not possible, set up virtual coffee times through an online meeting app.

Your sober companion will look toward you for guidance and company. Make sure you make plans to offer it.

2. Don't Go It Alone

If your sober companion is recently sober, it is likely they face unresolved issues surrounding friends and family. For those who seek treatment, their addiction left behind a wake of destruction.

These frayed relationships with friends and family can be a challenge to deal with. A person who started their journey in recovery may not be ready to confront those relationships.

Supporting a sober buddy during the holidays means you will have to serve as a surrogate family. Invite them over for Christmas dinner, exchange gifts. Let them know they're not alone.

3. Share Thoughts and Feelings

A good exercise for anyone in addiction recovery is journaling. It allows your sober companion to express their thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way without fear or shame.

A way to help your sober buddy through the holidays is to encourage sharing by expressing yourself. Allow for a free dialogue with your own innermost thoughts and feelings. Express yourself without shame so that your buddy will in return.

4. Learn Their Triggers

During this holiday season or any time of the year, it's important to note your sober buddy's triggers. These triggers could be work stress or social settings. Boredom could be a trigger.

Once you're aware of these triggers, you can help guide them through without them turning toward drugs and alcohol.

5. Help Them Set Goals

It's important to remind your sober friend through the holidays how good it is to be sober. Practice what you preach. Set legitimate sobriety goals with them, and encourage their journey.

Check-in and keep them focused on the positivity and light that comes from a sober holiday season.

Help Your Sober Buddy Through Christmas

A normal holiday season is a difficult time for those in recovery. This year, with increased isolation, may prove to be one of the most difficult for your sober buddy. Show compassion and care. Make plans and let them know they're not alone.

They can do this, and so can you. Check out our product page and order a holiday coin for your sober buddy. It's a small token that reminds them of what's important.