5 Tips for Building Relationships After Recovering from Addiction

5 Tips for Building Relationships After Recovering from Addiction

5 Tips for Building Relationships After Recovering from Addiction

Building relationships is one of the best things you can do after recovering from addiction. Here are a few tips to help you.

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Over 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. 

Dealing with addiction is complicated, and it can be hard. But it may even be harder after going through addiction treatment to get your feet back on the ground. 

How do you get a job? How do you get friends? What is forming new relationships going to feel like?

Making friends can positively impact you after addiction treatment. Here are five tips for building relationships that can help you get you on the right path.

1. Start With Yourself

After recovering from addiction, you need to spend time building a healthy relationship with yourself. This relationship is what will give you the foundation for being able to build relationships with other people as well.

Started, make sure you are compassionate and gentle towards yourself. They are going to be difficult moments. Instead of being hard on yourself, it is okay to show yourself some grace.

You need to accept responsibility for your problems as well to be able to move forward. Once you accept this, you can start taking the steps to heal.

2. Have Boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important to have in new relationships. When you are recovering from addiction, you need to set boundaries that help you focus on your own recovery. Because of these boundaries, you are better able to keep up with your sobriety and overall general well-being.

The last thing you want is to have no boundaries! This could lead to a potential relapse if you are not careful.

3. Stick With the Positives

When you are making friends after rehab, you need to stick with the positives. That means you should only be building relationships with those that have positive traits that will help you.

This includes but is not limited to kindness, honesty, compassion, and cooperation.

People with positive energy can be a critical part of the healing process. You can find people that may be in a similar boat as you in an AA meeting!

4. Establish Trust

During your addiction, you may have lost trust with others. It is important to build that back up when you are sober.

To do this, show that you are making changes. Demonstrate through your actions who you are after treatment so that you can build the trust back again. 

Just keep in mind that actions speak louder than words!

5. Stay Open 

Being open isn't always easy, but it can be helpful to connect with others. Talking about your experience can also reduce your risk of relapsing.

Building Relationships Takes Time

Keep in mind that building relationships is a slow process. Not only are you rebuilding trust, but you are also trying to form new, healthy relationships. 

And as always, remember that you may find some of your best friends in an AA meeting. You can keep each other accountable. 

If you want to find an AA meeting, you can browse our site. You can also check out our AA tokens that will help you during your recovery period!