5 Thoughtful Sobriety Gifts Your Loved One Can Carry with Them Every Day

Addiction is an illness that doesn't just affect its victim. It wreaks havoc on everyone who loves that victim as well.

That's why when your loved one is succeeding in their recovery, it's cause for celebration. Show them how proud you are with these fantastic ideas for recovery gifts.

1. Chip Display Case

For someone who's battling addiction, sobriety chips are among their most treasured possessions. They stand for far more than their monetary worth.

Help your loved one show off their accomplishment with a display case for sobriety coins. Find a display case that complements their style so they can show it off on their bookshelves or china cabinets at home.

2. Recovery Triangle Jewelry as Recovery Gifts

The famous recovery triangle is an iconic symbol for people with addiction. While it's on their sobriety chips, you can also give your loved one jewelry featuring the circle and triangle.

Sobriety-themed jewelry is a way for your loved one to carry their accomplishment with them everywhere. It comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and metals so you can match the person's unique style.

3. Books from the Pros

You love the person recovering from addiction and you want to offer them all the support in the world. However, there is some wisdom they can only get from people who have been in their shoes.

You can give them that wisdom with a recovery gift of books about sobriety. Look for options that speak to the place they are in their journey and are written by people who have battled addiction themselves.

4. Inspirational Mementos

If your loved one enjoys the visual arts, you can combine that interest with celebrating their recovery.

There is plenty of wall art that features quotes about recovery. This gives them a treasured gift while also helping them stay on the path.

5. Supportive Photo

This one takes more effort and planning but it has a more personal element.

Do you know this loved one as a member of your family or a member of your friend group? Whichever it may be, gather the group for a photo session.

In the photo, have everyone hold up a sign with a message of encouragement. They can be simple messages like, "We're proud of you," "Great job," or "We're here for you."

Print and frame the photo and voila, it's a memento your loved one will treasure forever. In difficult times, it will also remind them of everyone who's there to help and everyone who's on their side.

Supporting Recovery

If your loved one is like most who have struggled with addiction, you've been on this road with them for a long time. Their sobriety may feel like as much of an accomplishment for you as it does for them.

The recovery gifts above show your support while also expressing how proud you are of them. Recovering from addiction is never easy, and your loved one needs to know that you're proud of everything they've conquered.

To start searching for the perfect gift, shop our selection of addiction recovery books and more.