Why Understanding Addiction Is Part of the Solution

Why Understanding Addiction Is Part of the Solution

You can't fight an enemy you can't see - and the same applies to finding solutions for addiction. Understanding addiction is an essential part of coping with the condition. 

When treating alcoholism and seeking help in Alcoholics Anonymous, start by beginning to understand addiction. When you have a good scope of what the challenge is, you have a better chance of tackling it head-on.

It's Not a Choice, It's a Disease

Many who experience alcohol abuse know it comes with judgment. They feel shame and guilt as their social circle becomes frustrated with their behavior. It's always important to take personal responsibility. But it's also essential to realize that science has long considered alcoholism to be a disease. 

Medical research sees links between brain circuitry and abusing alcohol. These links tie into a person's motivation and reward-centers. This means they may experience chemical responses in their brain differently when it comes to alcohol than others.

A strong genetic component has been clear with substance abuse for decades, if not centuries. Some families - and even some ethnic groups - are simply more prone to addiction disorders.

Recognizing it as a disease can help in letting go of blame and concentrate focus on a medical plan to survive.

Physical Symptoms Require Medical Attention

Addiction is not just a disease of the brain. In its later stages, it progresses to permanent neurological damage, heart disease, liver disease, and more. Alcohol abuse is not a victimless crime - and the number one victim is you and your body.

When people reach a dependency level with alcohol, stopping can be physically dangerous. There is no shame in seeking medical help to assist and supervise a detox process. In fact, it is the smart thing to do to take care of your body.

Emotional and Psychological Help Are Essential

Coping with the behavioral parts of addiction requires emotional and psychological help. Whether you feel motivated by earning AA chips and AA medallions or are looking to tackle deeper issues with a psychologist, making sure to address your emotional and psychological health is part of recovery.

When you get help, not only can you learn excellent coping behaviors that help you resist drinking, but you can also learn to identify some of the triggers that cause you to want to drink in the first place.

Identifying triggers means removing them from your life. Fewer triggers mean fewer episodes of temptation or relapse. Doing this essential emotional and psychological work now can save you from the physical, financial, and legal consequences that could come later.

Understanding Addiction Means Managing Addiction

Addiction is a lifelong illness. But the sooner you understand it, the sooner you will be able to manage it in a sustainable way. Eventually, you will see your AA coins and AA tokens rack up, be able to function professionally and financially and be open to healthy relationships.

Start understanding addiction and see what we offer to support your journey and sobriety.