Where to Get Alcoholics Anonymous Coins: A How-to Guide

Where to Get Alcoholics Anonymous Coins: A How-to Guide

Outsiders might see an AA coin as a membership token.

But to members, holding Alcoholic Anonymous coins tightly in the grip of our hand is like a grip on power. It's a sign of a battle over an addiction that has possibly gripped its hand around our very souls.

If you want to buy this tangible, symbolic token of your strength, we're here to help.

This guide will explain how to buy authentic Alcoholics Anonymous coins discreetly and quickly.

Choose Your Preferred Token

There's more than one type of AA token. Before purchasing, know what kind of token you want to buy. 

Coins, Tokens, Chips

Coins are sometimes known as tokens, chips, or medallions. It's worth knowing that these terms essentially mean the same thing before shopping around for your coin. 

Type of Metal

The first type of AA coin given to a member is typically made from aluminum, is white, and represents someone's first 24 hours of sobriety.

Following your first AA meeting, you'll often receive this coin as a gift.

Different aluminum coins are also available to buy after this, each a different color to represent the time someone has remained sober. These coins also have a number on the front representing the months of sobriety.  

Here's the color code for the sober period of each coin: 

  • White represents your first 24 hours
  • Red is your first month
  • Gold (the color, not the metal) is for two months
  • Green is for three months
  • Another gold represents four months
  • Another red represents five months
  • Blue reflects six months

After aluminum comes brass or bronze plated coins. As with aluminum, these coins are available following 24 hours, each month, and each year of sobriety. 

More expensive gold- and silver-plated coins are also available to buy. These unique coins are perfect if you are looking for a gift for a recovering addict.

Where to Buy Alcoholics Anonymous Coins

Traditionally, members attending face-to-face meetings as part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program would receive their first coin after that first meeting.

However, with the emerging presence of the internet, outlets like The Token Shop are now offering people the chance to buy coins for themselves or friends and family.

Many members like to opt for specialist websites like ours because we offer the broadest range of tokens and coins to suit your needs. 

One popular option at our online store is affirmation coins, which include a message to bring strength to their owners when it's most needed. 

Personalized Coins for Gifts

There are also engraving businesses that will add a personalized message to a coin. You can use this to mark an anniversary or order a gift for a loved one. Some AA members like to give these unique coins to those they sponsor.

Your Token of Commitment

Alcoholics Anonymous coins may feel like a tiny treasure. But to someone making a lifelong commitment, buying a particular coin commemorating their decision is truly a thing to treasure. 

Start your search for your token here, and find the perfect coin to reflect the unique journey you've taken.